Monday, January 16, 2017

10 Predictions for Hawthorn in 2017

5am, January 17 and hanging out for the footy to begin......
Hence, I will quench my appetite by thinking ahead to the Hawks prospects in 2017, and making a few predictions:

1, Ty Vickery will be the recruit of the year in the AFL.

Vickery in his career has always been a player that attracts the boo boys

With it a standout among the Tigers faithful and already prominent within our fickle throng.

His reality is he could be a very able 2nd ruck in an Age where ruckmen are morphing more into ruck rovers and an answer to our contested marking issues forward.

A combination that will see him kick 40 goals in 2017 and finish in the top 5 in our B&F

2, Jono O'Rourke will finally repay the faith shown in him 

The Hawks recruitment team rarely get it wrong

In the case of Jono O'Rourke, he has challenged this with him frustrating since joining us in 2015,

Past is past, with this the year that he will finally put it all together by becoming a very able ball winning inside mid that is also able on the outside.

3, Brad Hill will be a huge loss 

Many Hawk fans celebrated seeing the back of Hill with them questioning his heart and toughness.

It paid little respect to the key role he played in Clarko's game plan with the space he created for others with his line breaking pace and running to position off the ball. In his absence, it exposes our lack of pace as well as putting a huge burden on Isaac Smith to carry the load without Hill's support.

Billy Hartung is a logical replacement but was exposed badly in 2016 making one question whether he can make it in the AFL

4, Ryan Burton will win the NAB Rising Star Award

Burton is currently listed at $31 to win the Award
My advice is to get on this big time with Burton a young key position player capable in both defence and attack with the quality of all the great ones- 'time'

5, Josh Gibson will struggle in 2017 

The dual B&F winner has been a great player for the Club in the zone of role in defence.

In the finals last year, it was obvious teams targeted him, depriving him of this luxury by making him accountable for a man.

He looked lost and exposed with him torn between his natural instinct to zone off to aid others and punished when he did by his man being free and used.

It is likely this will continue in 2017 putting real acid on Gibbo

6, Jack Gunston will be used in bursts as a big wingman.

The adding of Vickery and return of Jarryd Roughead to the attack allows Clarko so many opportunities to use players in versatile roles

Part of this will see the use of Jack Gunston's underrated 'tank' in a midfield role on the wing. Aiding in defence with his size while being deadly dangerous losing his man in transition to attack as well as being a match up nightmare for opposition wingmen when he floats forward.

Also accentuating Gunston's cleverness as a player with his ability to set up goals with his skill and insightful entries into the forward line.

7, Luke Hodge's inspiration in 2017 will be a photo of Marcus Bontempelli

The iconic Hawks leader is the epitome of a proud warrior.

Rankling him all Summer will be memories of the young Dogs superstar making him look very old by smashing him in a match up as we crashed out of the finals last year.

Hodge will use this as his inspiration in 17, and it will not surprise to see the champ use his last season as a reminder to all of just how great he is.

Do not be surprised to see him star as a forward in 2017

8,Taylor Duryea will add grunt to the midfield 

It stood out like dogs balls that our midfield was a bollcks in 2016 with the main frustration being our lack of contested ball winning ability.

Duryea could address this with his tough as teak style of play combined with his lethal left foot. Teia Miles would be a ready made replacement for him in defence as well

9, 2017 will be Luke Breust's last year at the Club

Breust will be a free agent at the end of 2017.

I think the combination of him being offered huge deals by rival clubs as well as the Hawks prioritizing others will see him leave. We got a sniff of this with his name floated as potential trade bait last year.

It will also allow them to get a high draft pick in compensation which will loom large after sacrificing most of their early picks in the 2017 draft as a means to get Jaegar O'Meara.

10, The end of the season will see free agent Nat Fyfe announcing he is signing a long term deal with the Hawks 

Why not dream big????????????


  1. 1. JOM or TOM to be oir best recruit.

    2. Agree he'll repay the faith, though without starring.

    3. Agree, although I think we have enogh coverage to replace him.

    4. He certainly will not win it. He will continue on from where he left off last year and become an integral part of our best 22.

    5. Gibson will finish top 5 in our B&F and enjoy a solid year as the 3rd tall defender behind Frawley and Brand allowing him to go back to his preferred role of running off his opponent to go 3rd man up, whilst also collecting 20+ disposals most games.

    6. More than just in bursts. Will see a lot of time running between the arcs and will have a great year.

    7. Agree with the part about him playing forward more. He'll have a memorable year and will mentor JOM, Shiels, Gunston, Smith and Stratton in the art of captaincy.

    8. Yep, agree. Think Duryea has more to show yet.

    9. Not against it to be honest, but wouldn't be surprised if he stayed either. Could go either way.

    10. He or Dustin Martin WILL be a hawk next year from what I've heard.

    1. Thank you for the comment and great reply Chris

      as for JOM, I think his best will be from 18 onwards where he is fully fit and has faith in his knee. He will be a future captain and in the best 5 in the AFL. As for Mitchell, great pick up, but he is likely to be viewed by oppositions as our best mid and tagged. At Sydney he never got this attention with the stars in their midfield.

      hope you are right about Gibbo, but I think he was badly exposed in the finals and if oppositions have a brain they will follow the tactics

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  3. It would appear that two of those predictions might already be dead and buried Tom (Breust re-signed, Ty will need a huge rest of the season).

    Interesting that you may have nailed the Gibbo and Gunston calls.

    Very, very interesting read mate.

    1. Thank you for the comment Perry :)

      i actually think re-signing Bruest is a mistake, particularly with him likely to get us a way back into the first round of the draft if he left as a free agent