Friday, September 2, 2016

My Unexpected Tactics for the Cats Final

On paper, both Hawthorn and Geelong look very evenly matched with the next week's final likely to go down to the wire.

With this in mind, I thought I would lend some 'tactical assistance' to Clarko from my vantage point of front row centre of the Hawks peanut gallery.

As follows:

1, Swap the roles of Jordan Lewis and Liam Shiels

The inside mids have been an issue all year with one of the standouts being the diminished effect of Jordan Lewis. He has racked up his normal possessions but lacked the effectiveness of past years with it apparent he is struggling with the increased pace in the game.

I would address this by taking into account his very able tagging efforts in the past by assigning him the pivotal role of limiting Patrick Dangerfield. The suggestion would be scoffed in many quarters but keep in mind the brilliant jobs he did on Chris Judd when he was raging. The flip side to this is it would let Liam Shiels loose in a freer role where he could impact with his pace as well as improved attacking style to his game as well as his defensive brilliance still being to the fore.

2, Go small forward 

Geelong's main strength is the defensive bigs, highlighted by the masterful Harry Taylor whereas our main strength is in our small/mid-sized forwards. We have a very exploitable weakness in our big forwards as well as Geelong having issues against quality 'junior giraffe forwards'

Doing the math on this is easy, leading to this structure of a 5 man forward line of small and mid sized attackers. It would allow us an extra in the backline which could prove crucial. It would also allow Geelong the similar benefit, but by going small it would be so hard to zone off and impact on marking duals for everything would be on the lead or through transition. Even chaos entries become effective

Defensive forward Paul Puopolo playing on Harry Taylor

Hodge playing as the contested old style marking/leading full forward and rotating with Shaun Burgoyne in the midfield. Hodge spending the majority of his time forward with brief blitz's in the guts

Gunston playing high between the 50 arcs and working back into the forward 50. Assisting in the defensive end, segwaying into attack with his heady play as well as getting on the end of a few by blowing up his opponent with his tank.

Rioli and Bruest operating between the goals and the square being constantly on the move and feeding off Hodge's scraps. Rotating Smith, Hartung and Hill forward when the aforementioned two have brief runs in the midfield.

I would not play the resting ruck forward, instead running him off the bench

3, 'Bomb Free' football

The brainless entries into the 50 have been the most infuriating part of the season.

It has seen constant bombing into the forward line despite us not having a big forward that is capable of taking a contested mark. Which leads to masterful big intercept defenders treating our forward line like their bitches, refer to Jeremy McGovern in the WCE game. This become more damning with it facilitating the oppositions rebound which in toe renders our defense and defensive structures in support null and void.

They must get off seeing Cyril on Poppy fly in the hope of mark of the year contenders!!!!!!

Seriously, enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heads up when entering the forward line and making smart decision in the knowledge that if we give our forward line any advantage they will blitz.....


My preferred 22 for the Cats final, as follows:

On reflection, I would keep Billy Hartung on the bench in place of Will Langford

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