Thursday, May 5, 2016

Preview, Hawthorn versus Richmond

One can never underestimate the role luck plays in success

From a Hawks viewpoint, fortune comes in the form of a run of 'softer' games starting with a Richmond team that has been dreadful all year. With Hawthorn struggling with form and injuries, the timing is perfect

The key is making sure we win, which is no guarantee with how we have been playing.....

The Teams


B:Nick Vlastuin, Troy Chaplin, Jake Batchelor

HB:Corey Ellis, Bachar Houli, Brett Deledio

C:Steven Morris, Shaun Grigg, Daniel Rioli

HF:Kamdyn McIntosh, Dustin Martin, Ty Vickery

F:Jack Riewoldt, Sam Lloyd, Shane Edwards

FOL:Shaun Hampson, Connor Menadue, Ben Griffiths

I/C:Brandon Ellis, Anthony Miles, Jason Castagna,Jayden Short


B:Kaiden Brand, Tim O'Brien, Josh Gibson

HB:Sam Mitchell, Ben Stratton, Grant Birchall

C:Bradley Hill, Jordan Lewis, Isaac Smith

HF:Luke Breust, Jack Gunston, Liam Shiels

F:Paul Puopolo, Jonathon Ceglar, Cyril Rioli

FOL:Ben McEvoy, Will Langford, Shaun Burgoyne

I/C:Billy Hartung, James Sicily, Taylor Duryea, Daniel Howe

The absence of James Frawley puts a focus on 'Generation Next' to step up. With either Tim O'Brien or debutant Kaiden Brand being given the task of marking Tigers gun forward Jack Riedwoldt. How this pivotal duel goes will depend on the midfield battles, and if the Hawks midfield struggles as it has all season, it could be a field day for Riedwodt.

I am just a slubber in the peanut gallery with Clarko knowing best, but, must convey my disappointment in Dallas Willsmore still not getting a game. Particularly with Daniel Howe who looked like 'little boy lost' last week being preferred.

Willsmore could do a better job in the role Howe is currently employed.

The Game

The outcome of this game will depend largely on the midfield battles.

With Sam Mitchell being the only Hawk midfielder who has been performing this year one can see the Tigers sending a player to lock onto him. Nullifying his influence, while throwing out the challenge to the other Hawthorn midfielders to step up.

The question is who will stand up?

Jordan Lewis
has been plumb average all year and could, and maybe should have been dropped. Instead, with Luke Hodge out he is made Captain

Liam Shiels
is one of my favourite players but has failed to fire a shot all season

Will Langford
has heart, grunt and relentless desire but is 'Tim Clarke like' with his disposal by foot. Teams have noticed this and are exploiting it

Shaun Burgoyne
?- with Hodge out the defence needs his guidance

The highlight of our midfield struggles was debutant Kieran Lovell outperforming all his higher profile teammates in the first half last week, only to be dropped this week. The six-day turnaround between matches might have been the reason, but with our struggles in close it stood out he was one to persist with.

The Tigers are down on confidence and missing Captain, and midfield lynchpin Trent Cotchin, but they still have enough dangerous types in the likes of Martin and Deledio to gain midfield ascendency. If this happens, an upset is on the cards.

Another issue for the Hawks is the forward line. The midfield has had a huge effect here with its retarded entries. Symbolised by it bombing it in despite having no noted big forward with contested marking acumen on it. As a result, ball is spoilt, oppositions rebound with real pace, leaving our structures fractures and out defence exposed.

If the entry is more insightful from further afield there is a chance for us to make merry with Richmond missing their defensive lynchpin Alex Rance.

Time to lift your head and think before you dispose lads, rather than get ball, bomb ball and see blurs go past you on the rebound!

Round 7 focus- Taylor Duryea

After being superlative in the finals last year, particularly in bursts through the midfield, Duryea has struggled in the early parts of 2016

This game gives a perfect opportunity to reinsert him back in the midfield to hopefully reignite it with his grunt and skill by foot


This game has me worried, particularly with how our midfield is travelling and how the result will depend on it finding some form,

I think we will find a way, spluttering to a 12 point win

A Call out to fellow Hawkers 

It is the 20 year anniversary of the club resisting a takeover attempt from Melbourne

To commemorate the anniversary, it is perfect timing to elevate our Saviour, the face of Operation Payback, Don Scott to his rightful position as a legend in out Hall of Fame.

Please sign our petition in support, and join our Facebook groups in support of the great man
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  1. Pretty spot-on about the midfield and bombing blindly forward... no structure.

    Agree that only Richmond down in confidence at present gives us an edge... it'll be an interesting game!