Sunday, April 24, 2016

View from the Outer, Round 5

After witnessing dumb football by Hawthorn against Adelaide, Clarko would have had his jugular veins poking out reminiscing of David Parkin.

Key was how we facilitated Adelaide's strengths while exposing our weaknesses.

Blind Freddy could see the Crows rebound is key to their game. With the speed they turn defence into attack coupled with their pristine skills making their already dangerous forward line, indefensible.
Factoring into this is our lack of a genuine contested marking forward with all of our present attackers being lead up types dependant on delivery from further afield.

With all this in mind, most of the night the Hawthorn players bombed aimlessly into the forward line, the Crows very accomplished key backs spoilt allowing their running backs to get on their bikes. Ball getting into the hands of superstars like Rory Sloane and the Crows forward line were set alight.

The amount of goals leaking out the back in the first half due to this rebound was embarrassing and only Clarko rolling the dice to play the rookie Tim O'Brien on Taylor Walker allowing Josh Gibson/Luke Hodge to zone as rotating loose defenders controlled this.

Luckily, rookie Crows coach Don Pyke was tacit in the face of this rather than clearing out the 50 and isolating O'Brien on Walker.

It allowed us to stop the steady leak of cheap goals, get a foothold back in the game and fight back.

Leading this was the midfield finding a way to address the smashing the got early in the clearances and centre breaks.

At this point, we needed a few heroes and found them in the duo of Cyril Rioli and Paul Puopolo. In the case of  Poppy who finished with 5 goals including the game-winner,  he must be the most improved player in the AFL since 2012. He used to be respected for his defensive acumen as a small forward but is now adding a real attacking threat.

To come back from 15 points down with just over 3 minutes left to win was truly miraculous.

Changes for Next Week

GWS in Sydney will be arguably tougher than Adelaide.

With them having a similar lineup full of pace and skill completed by a forward line that is deadly dangerous.

This is where a real conundrum rises with us having real issues in the midfield. The midfield duo of Jordan Lewis and Will Langford are struggling. Firstly, the old warhorse Lewis seems to have lost a yard and is trying to make up for it by staging too often for frees. It seems history is repeating with him, the same way as it did with diminishment of Brad Sewell. As for Langford, he is a contested bull, but also a liability with ball in hand with how he butchers it by foot.

The main issue is the lack of options on the outskirts. One can look to Jono O'Rourke or Kieran Lovell, but the former has struggled when played in the seniors and the young Tassie draftee Lovell is as green as a pub on St Pats Day.

One can see Clarko persisting with both Lewis and Langford, but they really need to lift.

Round 5 Shots of Jameson

3 Shots- Paul Puopolo- Great game, culminating in the winner. Starting to show real leadership

2 Shots- Cyril Rioli- He is looking like he has stepped up another level in 2016

1 Shot- Ben Stratton
- After Betts getting 3 goals early how he fought back on him was key in the victory

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