Sunday, April 3, 2016

View from the Outer, Round 2

The standout of Hawthorn's victory over WCE was the player response

With them coming off a round 1 loss to Geelong highlighted by having about 20 passengers left on the team bus they had to hit back hard and did with a real vengeance.

There were certainly no clueless slubs in the Media queuing up to roll out disrespectful and clueless cliches like ' Too Old, Too Slow, Not Good enough..' after watching the Hawks dissect the much hyped WCE outfit.

Types like 'Robbo', might have to invest in some justifiably respectable print, rather than delving into the sleazy or cluelessly hysterical.

The Why 

On a simplistic level, the game was won by Hawthorn having 22 red hot goers.

When you delve deeper, the tactics employed by the coaching team was once more a step ahead of the opposition.

They virtually made it a battle between the 50-metre arcs. Flooding the defence into the midfield and keeping what was very like an 'Off Side trap' in Football ( Soccer ). Josh Gibson, lagged as the last man, playing like the sweeper with him controlling the line and racking up an astonishing 44 possessions.

Brownlow Medal darkhorse, anyone?

It forced the hyped WCE forwards to rely on leading far and wide to get their touches and challenged the line breaking ability of the West Coast team to break down the tactics. With them lacking that pure pace their revered forward line was slapped down in a comprehensive fashion.

On the oft occasions they did enter the danger zone of the 50, the entry was haphazard and rendered null and void with Hawthorn's brutal team defence. Before an Eagles forward had time to take a breath they were under siege by 2 or three hungry Hawks.

Generation Next 

It would be easy to wax lyrically about the usual suspects like Sam Mitchell, Josh Gibson, Isaac Smith and the like returning to form and commandeering the victory.

They certainly deserved the highest praise, but it was more about the lesser lights in the 22 showing they are ready and able to play more meaningful roles.

James Sicily stood out, kicking four goals and looking ever bit a star forward in the making.

I must thank young James for one of the most enjoyable post victories I have had in a long while. After being a vocal doubter of his in all my write ups, my Social Media feeds were ablaze with fans celebrating his breakout game leaving me with egg on my face and loving serving me humble pie.

Good Craic!

Billy Hartung also showed just how good he can be, and excuse me for comparing him to a complete legend, but he has a real resemblance to one Shane Crawford.

When Brad Hill is fit, the triple outside threat of Smith/Hill & Hartung will give opposition think tanks cold sweats.

A Further evolution of Cyril?

Rioli's calling card outside of the moorishly delicious has been his one percenters, the king of selflessly sacrificing for the benefit of the team.

It stood out in 2 of his goals from the vicinity of the 50-metre arc that he decided to go bang, rather than try to hit up a teammate as he more than likely would have done in previous seasons.

As if he needs it, but if he delves further into the 'selfish', it becomes a further string to his bow.

The Road Ahead/ Changes

The Sexy Dogs at Shit-iad Stadium

The only likely change would be Liam Shiels coming in for the unlucky Jono O'Rourke.

As for the game, the focus will be on the hype over the Scray, but, the reality of the clash is, yes, the Dogs have the potential to be superb:

' But, they are not Jedi's yet......'

The Master Hawks will highlight this fact and beat up on them

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