Saturday, April 16, 2016

Round 4, View from the Outer

Lone Ranger Sam again the Saints
The reality of yesterday's game was St Kilda losing it, rather than Hawthorn winning it.

The Saints had us on the rack, but the combination of their skill errors and flawed decision making in the pivotal moments gifted us the win.

It reminded me of the game last year against 'The Filth' where we suffered an insipid loss to a team that a full strength Box Hill team would be a decent match. This St Kilda team is far better than that posse of druggos and deserves dues for its excellent display, but the performance was all about us.

Outside of Sam Mitchell, few if any turned up to play

Just on the evergreen 'Extractor'- he must be a great chance for a 'second' Brownlow Medal this year?

The fallout is what conclusions if any do you make?

If you choose to dissect, the stand out is the team still having an unhealthy reliance on Sam Mitchell for midfield ascendancy. As well as the defence looking dishevelled in Josh Gibson's absence.

Furthermore, youngsters like Daniel Howe looked exposed at the level and the rejigged Will Langford, who has looked good in the early parts of 2016 was back to his 2015 struggles.

The pace and gumption of the Saints to go straight down the guts also exposed us and a team with more experience and the composure it brings would have made us pay the ultimate price.

Plenty of reasons for Clarko to be tossing and turning in his cot as I one finger type this ditti at 3am


4 points....No injuries....move on to next week.......

Three factors underpin this

1, We are notoriously slow starters, and despite being disappointing in the first four games, we are still better off than last year where we were 2/2 at the same point

Think Kiwi in the 1983 Cup

2, The willpower of the group to find a way to win despite being in tough positions two weeks running is what he will hang his hat on, rather than the dross during the game.

3, The tinkering of the game plan takes time. With its main focus being on a more running defence that has had Josh Gibson as its centre point. In a very real sense, it is very like an offside trap in Football with Gibbo acting as the sweeper out the back. His absence yesterday, not just from a defensive sense, but more so his organisational genius was telling and was a huge factor in the Saints finding it easy to score on us.

Next Week- Adelaide 

I really think we will show up next week and the big question is the possible changes. Obviously, Josh Gibson will come in at the expense of Daniel Howe. The interesting one will be whether Tim O'Brien has done enough to keep his spot or will Ryan Shoenmakers be an instant inclusion. After the glimpses he showed today on top of the faith shown in James Sicily after a shocker in round one I hope Clarko shows similar faith in O'Brien. I think in the long term he can offer more than Shoenmakers can.

Give us your preference out of the two on the poll below:

Brendan Whitecross anyone......?

I love the guy and if not for two tragic knees he would be in the Captaincy chat, post- Hodge

If he turns it on against Willy today, hopefully, he gets a gig next week against the Crows

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