Friday, April 15, 2016

Preview, Hawthorn versus St Kilda

Going into a clash with an impressive young St Kilda unit in Tassie today Hawk fans are in store for two serves of dessert.

The first, the weekly homage we pay to some of the best players to have ever worn our proud guernsey. Names like Hodge, Mitchell, Burgoyne, Rioli etc etc compel waxing lyrically about how legendary they are as parts of a unit that is arguably the best ever.

In fact, in this the egalitarian age of Aussie Rules footy it is a fact that can hardly be disputed.

The added excitement is the further sighting of 'Generation Next', with today's team having a few youngsters given their chance to shine.

The Teams

B:Ben Stratton, James Frawley, Taylor Duryea

HB:Shaun Burgoyne, Angus Litherland, Grant Birchall

C:Liam Shiels, Jordan Lewis, Isaac Smith

HF:Luke Breust, Tim O'Brien, Paul Puopolo

F:James Sicily, Jack Gunston, Cyril Rioli

FOL:Ben McEvoy, Sam Mitchell, Luke Hodge

I/C:Daniel Howe, Jonathon Ceglar, Billy Hartung, Will Langford

EMG:Dallas Willsmore, Kieran Lovell, Kaiden Brand



B:Jarryn Geary, Sam Fisher, Tom Lee

HB:Jack Newnes, Sean Dempster, Sam Gilbert

C:Leigh Montagna, David Armitage, Shane Savage

HF:Maverick Weller, Nick Riewoldt, Jack Billings

F:Jack Lonie, Josh Bruce, Paddy McCartin

FOL:Tom Hickey, Sebastian Ross, Jack Steven

I/C:Eli Templeton, Blake Acres, Jack Sinclair, Darren Minchington

Today's game sees the return of Luke Hodge from a broken arm. It must be said that Hodgey seems to be getting a bit 'soft' of late, fancy missing two games with a little thing like a broken arm.

Most thought he would just treat it like the broken ribs he had in the 08 Finals and play on viewing it as a badge of honour.

Tim O'Brien................

A player that the club obviously has great faith in as seen in giving him our iconic number 23.

Sadly, the young key position forward has attracted plenty from our boo boys, impatient for him to show that he is the real deal. Today is his time, and if his form at Box Hill is anything to go by, do not be surprised if those notable boo boys are going around spruiking that they were his true believers after he puts on a show today.

The Game

StKilda is a young team with a bevvy of rising stars that cannot be underestimated.

But, the likely theme of today is 'boys against men' with the been there, done that, forgotten more than most will ever know Hawks lording it over the young Saints.

The biggest chance of an upset is the young Saints midfield that has a huge upside turning it on today. Players like Jack Steven and David Armitage are elite, and in Jack Newnes, the Saints have one of the best young mids in the comp.

It will pose a challenge to a Hawthorn midfield that still has a heavy reliance on Sam Mitchell. One that needs to lift is Jordan Lewis, who has has gotten the ball but been uncharacteristic wasteful in the early parts of 2016.

As an added treat for the Tassie faithful, a little dickie bird tells me young tassie local Kieran Lovell is likely to be a late inclusion. If this is accurate, look for this kid for he is an absolute treat. A natural footballer in the Sam Mitchell mould with similar grunt but with added toe.

If the Hawks do control the midfield it will be hard to see StKilda's backline controlling our forward line and their forward line holding its own against our stellar backline.

One that should be labelled the 'Brian Who's'.....

In honour of how they have buried fears of them struggling in the wake of Brian Lake's retirement. Quite to the contrary they have been superlative with a few strings added to their bow with extra pace and the resultant line breaking and rebound

Player Focus- Daniel Howe

With Josh Gibson missing this game it throws up the question of who plays his zone off role in defence. The logical choice is 'The General' Hodge, but, it would not surprise to see Howe play the role.

He is an elite reader of the play accentuating his ability of breaking up forward forays through intercepting and with the ball in hand is brilliant by foot and in his decision-making.

A long term replacement for Gibbo after he retires to become a Cleo page 3 model


Saints will give cheek but the Hawks will put the young upstarts back in their place

Hawks by 42 points

A Call out to fellow Hawkers 

It is the 20 year anniversary of the club resisting a takeover attempt from Melbourne

To commemorate the anniversary, it is perfect timing to elevate our Saviour, the face of Operation Payback, Don Scott to his rightful position as a legend in out Hall of Fame.

Please sign our petition in support, and join our Facebook groups in support of the great man
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