Thursday, April 21, 2016

Preview, Hawthorn versus Adelaide

It is fitting that Shaun Burgoyne's 300th game falls on Anzac Day weekend.

A day that is the rightful Australia Day, where we became a real Nation on the back of the sacrifices of many young men and women during armed conflicts.

Sincere heroes, planting the seeds for future generations to bloom in a nation of vibrancy.

Tonight as we stand arm and arm in silence paying homage.

When the silence is drowned out by the roar, it becomes all about Shaun Burgoyne

21 teammates, feeling the tingly chicken skin sensation in awe of him, rabid in their desire to pay him the ultimate respect of carrying him off on their shoulders in victory. In a small way paying him back for the many times he has carried them on his shoulders, commandeering victories from dire circumstances.

Be scared Adelaide Crows, be very scared.....

The Teams


B; Shaun Burgoyne, James Frawley, Taylor Duryea

HB:Josh Gibson, Ben Stratton, Grant Birchall

C:Liam Shiels,Jordan Lewis, Isaac Smith

HF:Luke Breust,Tim O'Brien, Paul Puopolo

F:James Sicily, Jack Gunston, Cyril Rioli

FOL:Ben McEvoy, Sam Mitchell, Luke Hodge

I/C:Bradley Hill, Jonathon Ceglar, Billy Hartung, Will Langford

EMG:Brendan Whitecross, Daniel Howe,Kaiden Brand


B:Jake Lever, Daniel Talia, Rory Laird

HB:Kyle Cheney, Kyle Hartigan, Luke Brown

C:David Mackay, Scott Thompson, Brodie Smith

HF:Charlie Cameron, Tom Lynch, Eddie Betts

F;Josh Jenkins, Taylor Walker, Jarryd Lyons

FOL:Sam Jacobs, Rory Sloane, Matt Crouch

I/C:Paul Seedsman, Rory Atkins,Richard Douglas,Mitch McGovern

The return of both Josh Gibson and Brad Hill gives the Hawks a formidable looks. There has been much press on Gibson's importance to the Hawks set up, but, Brad Hill with his pace and gut run plays an underrated place in the game plan as well.

With the height in the Crows formidable forward line, the omision of Litherland seems odd and could point to the late inclusion of key back Kaiden Brand.

The Game

Going into this clash both teams have represented 2 sides of the coin in the first 4 rounds of 2016.

The Crows could easily be undefeated with their success built on even contributions fron 22 red hot goers. All determined to prove the many doubters wrong about there being plenty of life after Patrick Dangerfield

Hawthorn, could, and probably should be 1/3.

With their struggles based around having too many passengers on the bus, particularly in the midfield.

In essence, we have been 'The Sam Mitchell's + 21'

Which is never a recipe for long time success and if it continues tonite, the Crows will pants us. leaving I to think getting a room at Crown towers while I drown my sorrows playing poker in the Casino is a far better option than a long long trek back to Bittern.

Time to stand up boys!

With the focus on our centre clearances where we currently are ranked 15th in the AFL. This will be decisive with Clarko showing with the omision of Angus Litherland and playing an undersized backline against Adelaide dangerous forward line containing many able talls that his plan revolves around the concept of 'dead on arrival'

By this, I mean he is banking on gaining midfield ascendency to skew and stymie the forward entries by the Crows. Backing the more agile and sublimely skills Hawk backs will kill the Crow forwards on the rebound, knowing Adelaide's forwards are full of attacking threat but not quite as clever when expected to defend.

Away from the midfield battles, key will be the Hawks ruck duo of Ben McEvoy and Jonathon Ceglar limiting the colossus Sam Jacobs. A ruck that if he was in Melbourne would be compared favourable with Todd Goldstein.

( Silently, as Hawks fans we HATE Carlton, can we get a round of applause for another sign of recruiting mastery by the Blues over Jacobs............)

If we win those midfield battles, one can see our forward line kicking a winning score. With part of the excitement in this being the inkling that Tim O'Brien might use this game as his coming out party, much like James Sicily did against WCE.

Look for him to be a real factor tonite

Speed Kills 

Tonight will be the first chance to see the potential devastation the trio of Isaac Smith, Brad Hill and Billy Hartung can wreak. All with pace to burn and stamina to match. Their ability to break line and gut run to position creates so much space for Clarko game play that so revolves around space to thrive. With space, our high skills by foot become such a decisive factor.

I think it will rip the Crows vaunted defensive structures to ribbons tonight.


Every one is thinking this will be close

I think we will win easily by 7 goal, with the game over by 3 quarter time, and much of the last filled with the Hawks faithful baiting Eddie Betts about his future as a downhill skier.

A Call out to fellow Hawkers 

It is the 20 year anniversary of the club resisting a takeover attempt from Melbourne

To commemorate the anniversary, it is perfect timing to elevate our Saviour, the face of Operation Payback, Don Scott to his rightful position as a legend in out Hall of Fame.

Please sign our petition in support, and join our Facebook groups in support of the great man
Facebook Group

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