Sunday, March 27, 2016

Preview, Hawthorn versus Geelong

Working so bummed I cannot go to this game. The primary interest is despite winning the last three and with a chance of equalling history with four, we go into this season already embarking on a subtle rebuild

Highlighted by the pushing into retirement of Lake/Hale and the lack of interest in re-signing Suckling.

Pointing to faith in the potential replacements:

Lake- Brand/Heatherly, or Litherland if they choose to play an undersized, running key back

Hale- Ceglar is the obvious candidate, but Pittonet has impressed all at BH, and it would not surprise to see him stake a claim later in the season.

Suckling was employed much as a utility with us having many candidates for this role. Howe a standout, but look for WhiteX to remind us all just how good he is.

Going into today, on top of those departures, injuries to key players in Roughead, Shiels and Hill puts a real focus on Hawthorn's Generation Next, which is exciting on many levels.


Brad Gunn stole my thought processes or mine his by touching on 'hype' and how it affords to Geelong.

Dangerfield is a gun inclusion, and he will instantly take pressure off Selwood as well as dangerous types like Motlop/Duncan who got attention before he arrived. When those types are allowed to run free, they can be deadly dangerous

Instantly making their midfield one of the best in the game.


The reality is Danger is one man, and he cannot fix the gaping holes for Geelong in their attack and defence. He also cannot wind back the clock on some of the Cats veterans who are starting to look past their used by date.

Think Fyfe at Freo and not being able to play in all the roles they need him too

I think they will struggle to deal with our all round class. Allowing us to take their best, then counter by exploiting the many lesser types in their 22.

Their defence is excellent in the key posts but fragile in the smaller defenders setting up a perfect opportunity for us to go small. Structuring around the resting ruck as the contested option with the likes of Rioli/Poppy and Bruest buzzing at his feet. Playing Gunston/Shoey high as the leading options to segway from defence into attack.

Do not be surprised if one L Hodge plays as a bullocking contested forward creating crumbs for our mighty mosquito fleet.....

Geelong's forward line versus our Defence

On paper, Geelong's forward line outside of the maybe baby Hawkins lacks real threat. Motlop can be very dangerous but good luck getting a kick on the human blanket, Stratton

As for Hawkins, Frawley will give him a bath on the way to an All-Australian season in 2016.

The selection of Litherland is curious but points to victimising the defensive flaws of the Geelong forwards. With LL, his line-breaking run is a distinct quality to take advantage of this.


People are expecting a close one to reignite the heated rivalry.

I disagree, with the Hawks still showing they lord it over the mass from Sleepy Hollow by coasting to a 36 point win.

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