Friday, July 17, 2015

Preview, Hawthorn versus Sydney

Vicariously linking the Hawks in 2015 and the theme song from the blockbuster film Jaws.


I will let you decide:

Hawthorn, being the only ruthless beast in the AFL pond, always existing but overlooked with other over exaggerated predators taking precedence. After dripping the blood of others leading to dismembering Fremantle, they are circling, primed to strike and mangle a familiar prey.



The Teams


B: Rhyce Shaw, Ted Richards, Nick Smith

HB:Zak Jones, Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe

C:Jarrad McVeigh, Josh P. Kennedy, Lewis Jetta

HF:Dan Hannebery, Lance Franklin, Luke Parker

F:Adam Goodes, Kurt Tippett, Sam Reid

FOL:Toby Nankervis, Tom Mitchell, Kieren Jack

I/C:Craig Bird, Harry Cunningham, Brandon Jack, Jake Lloyd


B:Matt Spangher, Brian Lake, Sam Mitchell

HB:Grant Birchall, Josh Gibson, Luke Hodge

C:Bradley Hill, Shaun Burgoyne, Isaac Smith

HF:Cyril Rioli, Ryan Schoenmakers, Matthew Suckling

F:Jack Gunston, Jarryd Roughead, Luke Breust

FOL:Ben McEvoy, Liam Shiels, Jordan Lewis

I/C:Paul Puopolo, Billy Hartung, Ben Stratton, David Hale

The stand out inclusion for both teams is Hawthorn regaining Jarryd Roughead after his Melanoma scare. The loss of Taylor Duryea is an underrated blow, with his hardness being perfectly suited for a tight, tough contest like this promises to be.

Sydney has lost main ruckman Mike Pyke, but, the young Tasmanian Toby Nankervis is a very promising young player. Do not be surprised if he shows this tonight.

The Game:

Any clash between these two will have the main focus fall on Buddy Franklin and how the Hawks will contain him.  It is Tabloid pleasing, but Alastair Clarkson will view Dan Hannebery, Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker as the greater threats. Knowing, controlling this devastating trio limits Buddy's potential influence. It will be interesting to see if Clarko assigns a rare tag to Dan Hannebery with his past scything efforts against us looming large in mind. If he does, look to Liam Shiels marking him in a proactive manner.

On the topic of tags, it will be interesting who runs with Hawk dynamo, Sam Mitchell. With mighty mouse Ben McGlynn tagging him last time with him trying to exploit Mitchell at every opportunity by trying to exploit the Hawks defensive limitations. It worked a treat last time, but one gets the feeling that 'The Extractor' might 'cork' the influence on this occasion.

The inside battles in the midfield will be compelling, but if the Hawks at the very least break even they have a hefty advantage on the outside. With the devastating duo of Brad Hill and Isaac Smith having the potential to be ranked alongside the very best wing combinations when their careers are over. Factor in Billy Hartung and Sydney has little or no hope of matching Hawthorn's outside run.

As with all big games, the midfield battles will decide it. Sydney needs to dominate in the midfield or at the very least hold sway to prevail. With the Hawks having greater strength defensively compared to Sydney as well as having a stronger attack with many eclectic and varied options. In comparison, Sydney is still very dependent on Buddy, with Kurt Tippett being able, but, very much lacking trust in a big game. Outside of these two Swans, who else can you see kicking goals against a very able Hawthorn defence?

By the same token, can you see the Swans defence being able to control Hawthorn's forward line with clean and quick delivery from further afield?

Flip the script Clarko!

The exploiting of Josh Gibson's was pivotal in the previous clash of these two heavyweights. With Sydney rotating Adam Goodes and Sam Reid on him and hitting them up every time Josh Gibson chose to zone off to assist in other duels, rather than mark his direct opponent. It would be a savvy move to flip this, reverting Gibson to a direct marker for Buddy, assigning 'Jesus' Spangher to Tippett, and allow Brian Lake to zone off.  Lake is exceptional in reading the play and even more decisive when he zones off due to him marking the ball rather than spoiling like Gibson does.


Reverting back to The Jaws theme, I think the Hawks might put the fear of God in the rest of the AFL by decapitating Sydney

Hawks by 42

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