Friday, June 26, 2015

Preview, Hawthorn versus 'The Filth'

In sport, there are losses, and there are 'losses'.....

Losing to the hated 'Filth' in round 2 fell depressingly into the latter category for Hawks fans.

Tick Tick.....Tick Tick....Tick Tick.............

Wait over, with the rematch today offering redemption while seeking retribution. The team will have fire reddened eyes knowing the meaning of the rivalry inspiring a dismantling and humiliation on the scoreboard. Allowing fellow Hawkers in the outer to give it to the feral troglodyte masses of the 'Filth'. Revelling in kicking dirt in their faces and making them know their rightful place as they as they evacuate the G.

You can bet Dermie had all the players, & coaches on speed dial making them know.......

The Teams


B:Ben Stratton, Brian Lake, Josh Gibson

HB:Grant Birchall, James Frawley, Shaun Burgoyne

C:Bradley Hill, Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis

HF:Cyril Rioli, Jack Gunston, Isaac Smith

F:David Hale, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo

FOL:Jonathon Ceglar, Liam Shiels, Sam Mitchell

I/C:Taylor Duryea, Billy Hartung, Luke Breust,Matthew Suckling

EMG:Ryan Schoenmakers, Will Langford, Teia Miles


B:Michael Hibberd, Cale Hooker, Mark Baguley

HB:Courtenay Dempsey, James Gwilt, Jason Winderlich

C:Dyson Heppell, Brendon Goddard, Shaun Edwards

HF:Jobe Watson, Michael Hurley, Zach Merrett

F:Jackson Merrett, Jake Carlisle, Joe Daniher

FOL:Shaun McKernan, Brent Stanton, Jake Melksham

I/C:Elliott Kavanagh, Nick O'Brien, Adam Cooney,Martin Gleeson

EMG:Ariel Steinberg, Jayden Laverde, Ben Howlett

With the inclusion of Grant Birchall, this is a near full strength Hawks outfit. The dropping of Ryan Shoenmakers was pleasing to many quarters of the Hawk fans base but it seems to indicate a late change.

Do not be surprised if Jack Gunston is the omission, with it obvious he is nursing a finger issue.

The Game

The corresponding clash saw us killed in the inside mids with Jab Watson and Dustin Heppell dominating allowing their leg speed on the outside to puree us. 

Key in the dominance was the late withdrawal of Sam Mitchell from that game.

He is back for this clash and riding shotgun will be the likes of Jordan Lewis, Liam Shiels and icons by the name of Luke Hodge & Shaun Burgoyne. They will more than match the druggies. On the outside, they will have little or no hope of matching us with Billy Hartung adding to the road runner tracks of Isaac Smith and Brad Hill.

Factor in the 'Filth' lacking a legitimate ruckman, and it could get real ugly. Particularly with their weak forward line going up against a Hawks defence that is looking more impregnable with every game they play together. James Frawley's recruitment has added the missing link to make it complete. In truth, one could compare it favourably to our lauded forward line as the teams strongest department.

Speaking of which, will today be the game when our forward line that has been dysfunctional all season, finally clicks?

I think so, prompting 'Murderers Row' headlines tomorrow in tribute.

Target Man- Brendan Goddard

Goddard has taken the place of ex Pies skipper Nick Maxwell.

A player who points at, berates and tries to marshal others while he never gets his hands dirty. Perpetually zoning off, racking up the cheapies, and going off at teammates when they fail to take responsibility for Goddard's man because they are looking after their own.

Pity Richie Vandenberg couldn't play sub in this game so he could come on and go all 'Adam McPhee' on him


The Filth to struggle to kick six goals for the match and us to win by 100 points

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