Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Preview: Adelaide versus Hawthorn

Judgement day in the city of churches with the bell of credibility to sound for the winner.

If Adelaide win, people will sit up and notice them as a vindicated top 8 team

Victory for the Hawks will sound a warning to the rest of the AFL that their spluttering first half to the season is now in the past with them ready to shift into a higher gear.

With these stakes on the line, strap in tight in readiness for a hotly contested epic!

The Teams


B:Jake Kelly, Kyle Hartigan, Rory Laird

HB: Kyle Cheney, Daniel Talia, Nathan Van Berlo

C:Rory Sloane, Scott Thompson, Brodie Smith

HF:Charlie Cameron, Tom Lynch, David Mackay

F:Eddie Betts, Taylor Walker, Matthew Wright

FOL:Sam Jacobs, Patrick Dangerfield, Richard Douglas

I/C:Josh Jenkins, Luke Brown, Cam Ellis-Yolmen,Matt Crouch

EMG:James Podsiadly, Jarryd Lyons, Riley Knight


B:Shaun Burgoyne, Brian Lake, Sam Mitchell

HB:Ben Stratton, James Frawley, Josh Gibson

C:Bradley Hill, Luke Hodge, Isaac Smith

HF:Luke Breust, Ryan Schoenmakers, Jack Gunston

F:Cyril Rioli, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo

FOL:Jonathon Ceglar, Jordan Lewis, Liam Shiels

I/C:Billy Hartung, Matthew Suckling, Taylor Duryea,David Hale

EMG:Angus Litherland, Will Langford, Jonathan O'Rourke

Both teams come in with settled line ups. A glance at the Hawks emergencies gives one an inkling of a possible late change with an extra runner like Will Langford or Jono O'Rourke coming in.

A call out to Kyle Cheney on his 50th game, a determined and honest player that was respected as a great clubman with the Hawks

The Game 

Groundhog Day!

Like every game, the key is who holds the sway in the midfield.

The battles in the ruck will have a huge bearing on this. With the underrated Hawk duo of Jonathon Ceglar and David Hale matched against the Crows Sam Jacobs. A ruck colossus that churns out consistent excellence and is a fulcrum in the Crows team.

Whether they can match him or at the very least neutralise his effect will be huge in the games eventual result.

The domino effect of this seen in the battle of the inside midfielders and their ability to feed it to their lethal outside mids. One is nigh on certain the Crows will lock down tight on Hawthorn's midfield barometer Sam Mitchell, but the expected similar tag by the Hawks on Patrick Dangerfield is likely to not eventuate. Instead, they will isolate him allowing him to rack up possies in the neutral parts of the ground but mangle him when he is in more dangerous areas.

Do not be surprised if Hawthorn mark the Crows outside jets like Rory Sloane or even giving Brodie Smith some attention

How the cards fall in these battle will influence the prospects of the forward lines with both teams being strong in these departments. Both teams have matching strength in their backlines but first use in the midfield renders this mute

Hawk Focus- 'Think before you Do.'

The stand out of 2015 has been the dysfunction of the forward line that on paper resembles a murderers row.

Prompting the question why, and an associated 'chicken and egg' scenario with their struggles emanating from their lack of adequate feeding from up the field.

The decisions when entering the 50 have been curious to be kind and diabolical if I am honest.

Too much 'Hollywood', and not enough raising of the head and playing the percentages.

The other side of this is nigh on surreal. With players within range of goal with a justifiable shot on goal to take but they forsake it to attempt an impossible pass inside 50.

Bizarrely unselfish!

One knows 'Doctor Clarko' might have lobotomised a few in the bye week of these failings


A real fork in the road game

I think the Hawks will triumph, but in the back of my mind, buried in my denial section is the 2009 season. If we lose, 2015 might be its sequel

Will not happen

Hawks at the 'Orible' best and to win by six goals

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  1. That game was quite heart stopping! I was expecting the win, but it did divide the staff at the self storage. But I thought it was a great game and congrats to the Hawks. A few of the self storage people are big fans of the team, even those working in the mobile pods section. It was a good game for everyone.