Sunday, May 3, 2015

View from the outer, Round 5

Watching this game made you certain of the focus during the lead-up

Intensity from bounce one and North are brittle to physical assault. We married the two in a revisit of unsociable football with North cowering in its wake.

There was some collateral damage in the likely loss to a suspension of Captain Luke Hodge, and Jordan 'Brownlow' Lewis for taking the aggression too far.. Acts greeted by hysterical reactions from the media who always are willing to embrace tall poppy syndrome.

Both will get weeks, and based on Chris Yarran getting three weeks by putting the smile on all Hawks fans by snotting Paul Chapman, Hodge will get 1, and Lewis 2.

With games against GWS and Melbourne, the draw will feather their loss. Providing a chance to give a run for youngsters like Alex Woodward, Jed Anderson, and Jono O'Rourke in more primary roles that could prove decisive at the cutting end of the year.

Back to the game, the main plot was about the difference in class between the two team. With North on occasion being able to prick us with a pen knife, only to have us bludgeon them with an axe in response. It says a lot when you view the ten goal margin as a fair indication of the difference in class between the two teams.

In such an effortless win, there were many heroes with Will Langford returning to his froth at the mouth rabidness to set the tone early. One cannot understate the meaning of this to the team after the midfield were pantsed against Port last week. Jack Gunston reminded all that he should be in the conversation as one of the best forwards in the game with a brilliant display of real footy smarts and complete forward play.

The defence stood up admirably despite its many absences with the returning Ryan Shoenmakers playing a very respectable game.

Roll on GWS next week!

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