Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Round 6 Selection table

Our unsociable football that exposed a piss weak North outfit saw team leaders Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis outed in the aftermath.

Both are huge losses in the short term, but, the long term benefit is as great with it affording the chance for a few youngsters to come in and prove their mettle. Games coming up in the next two weeks against middle of the rung teams in GWS and Melbourne offers a perfect opportunity to embrace a bit of forward planning.

The inclusion of Alex Woodward, who has burned in the VFL, and Jed Anderson would be wise inclusions in a game against a GWS team full of boys still trying to graduate as men.

What could derail this is the likely return to the team of James Frawley and Paul Puopolo.

It raises the question of what line up best provides the best balance and symmetry to beat GWS.

In answering that, I would see that with Hodge and Lewis going out the midfield needs to be solidified. It would be easy to pick both youngsters, but I would choose one, likely Anderson who is both adept on the inside and outside to fill the void that Lewis's absence leaves. This move would be unfair on Woodward, who is more deserving of the two, but team balance is the key.

What of Hodge's replacement, I hear you asking.

 Frawley's inclusion allows this, with him giving our defence a vindicated key back which frees Josh Gibson to play Hodgey's role.

In proposing this, I hear the masses scream DROP SHOEY......DROP SHOEY.....!!!!


He was honest last week, and with Frawley back it allows Clarko to employ his ideal back line with Gibbo floating. Factor in the long term as well seen in the more Shoey plays, and looks adequate, the more attractive he becomes as a target for opposition clubs at the end of this year. I do not think many fellow Hawkers would complain if he was used as part of a package to get Dylan Shiel to the club in 2016..........

The other side of this is we keep Shoenmakers with him showing he is finally AFL standard as a 2nd key back.

Win/Win for all

Lastly, I would bring in Poppy for WhiteX

In: James Frawley, Jed Anderson and Paul Puopolo

Out: Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis and Brendan Whitecross

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