Friday, May 15, 2015

Preview, Hawthorn versus Melbourne

Put down your glasses, no need to watch for were playing Melbourne!

Definite win- Right?

The start to 15 has challenged this certainty with you still having faith in the peerless potential of the group, but trust has been tested with you not knowing which Hawthorn will turn up. 

Will they be switched on from bounce one like against North or take the first half off like against the 'Filth' or Port?

Worse, play in bursts, like against GWS, still be good enough to be three goals up well into the last quarter, switch off, and lose?

The stuff that guarantees long trips back to Bittern from the MCG or the short life span of tv's while watching at home!

The Teams:


B: Shaun Burgoyne, James Frawley, Ben Stratton

HB: Grant Birchall, Josh Gibson, Taylor Duryea

C: Bradley Hill, Sam Mitchell, Matthew Suckling

HF: Isaac Smith, Jack Gunston, Cyril Rioli

F: David Hale, Jarryd Roughead, Luke Breust

FOL:Jonathon Ceglar, Paul Puopolo, Liam Shiels

I/C: Ryan Schoenmakers, Will Langford, Angus Litherland, Billy Hartung

EMG: Daniel Howe, Jonathan Simpkin, Tim O'Brien


B: Christian Salem, Tom McDonald, Colin Garland

HB: Jack Grimes, Lynden Dunn, Jeremy Howe

C: Daniel Cross, Nathan Jones, Heritier Lumumba

HF: Angus Brayshaw, Jesse Hogan, Rohan Bail

F:Jeff Garlett, Chris Dawes, Aaron Vandenberg

FOL: Jake Spencer, Dom Tyson, Bernie Vince

I/C: Jimmy Toumpas, Billy Stretch, Viv Michie, Matt Jones

EMG:Max Gawn, Ben Newton, Cameron Pedersen

The posting of the Hawks team on Thursday night created outrage with Ryan Shoenmaker's name appearing in the 22

Josh Gibson is the reason behind this

With Clarko obsessed in setting up the team to allow Gibbo to play his 'zone off'' role. James Frawley's return from injury pads this decision, but the greater sense would see Gibbo playing as a key back on the second forward until a few able bodies return.

The other stand out of the team was the absence of midfield reinforcements being added. After the teams bollocking in the mids last week, it would have been wise to include the likes of Jono O'Rourke and Alex Woodward who have been killing it at Box Hill.

This said, Clarko is a vindicated coaching genius, and I am an armchair critic!

The Game 

The battle in the midfield will decide this game

Key in this will be the battle between Sam Mitchell and Bernie Vince, who is sure to apply a take no prisoners type tag on him. 

It will be interesting if the Hawks have the balls to counter this by playing Mitchell back flank with bursts in the middle.  Lessening the effectiveness of the tag, but putting an emphasis on the rest of the under performing Hawthorn midfielders to lift. 

A wise move might be to move Taylor Duryea into the middle to add some much-needed grunt that was so absent against the GWS. The likes of Liam Shiels and Will Langford need to lift as well as the burst players who run through our midfield.

The domino effect of the midfield is the Dees having a forward line that could make merry against a Hawthorn backline with some obvious holes in it. As well as having a backline highlighted by arguably the best young key back in the game in Tom McDonald that is strong enough to quell Hawthorn's murderers row forwards.

Key Man- Liam Shiels

The Hawks are without midfield guns Jordan Lewis and Luke Hodge and after Sam Mitchell resembled the Lone Ranger against GWS some needs to lift

Your time is now Liam Shiels!


A definite danger game, particularly if we do not 'show up.'

But, I think we will get it done 

Hawks by 24

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