Saturday, April 25, 2015

View from the outer, Round 4

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

The quote was running through my mind watching Port destroy us in the first half. Rabid in their intensity while we looked stuck in slumber mode. Killing us in the clearances, and dissecting us with their pace and outside run the same way the 'Filth' did to us two weeks earlier.

Our inability to address the same issues against the 'Filth' made one seethe. But of more concern was it showed the more we talk up the pedigree of our midfield pups, the more we realise we still have an unhealthy reliance on Sam Mitchell in big games. With Kane Cornes completely blanketing Mitchell in the first half, it dictated others stand up in support. It brought a focus on the likes of Will Langford. A player who looked a rising star after blitzing in the latter parts of 2014 only to struggle in the early parts of 2015 with the extra attention shown to him.

It also highlighted how crucial Liam Shiels is to our midfield

In defence of the performance, the loss of Brian Lake 7 minutes into the game was a defining blow. Forcing Clarko to turn to Ben McEvoy in the role leaving us to resemble a boxer leading with his chin.

Placating our disappointment was the brave comeback to get within in 7 points with three minutes left in the game. Highlighting our resilience and belief as a group to virtually rise from the dead when all others would have stayed buried.

The master Clarko will hang his hat on this imploring the players to show the same intensity for 120 minutes.

Next week against North becomes crucial with the main quandary revolving around who replaces Brian Lake as a key back. With James Frawley and Jesus Spangher and youngster Kaiden Brand injured it points to forgotten man Ryan Shoenmakers coming in.

Let us hope the man victimised by a large part of the Hawk supporter base can come up trumps and silence his detractors.

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