Sunday, April 19, 2015

View from the outer, round 3

We all LOVE YOU WhiteX!
All I could think during this game was the analogy of the slumbering bear being poked with carnage ensuing...

Seen in a fully focussed Hawks outfit neutering the Bulldogs  after 'The Filth' aided by umpires and timekeepers upset us in round 2

A combination of sublime skill and sincere brutality leaving all the Hawk faithful with chicken skin and pulses racing at dangerously high levels.

The game highlighted our mental disintegration of opponents through our intensity with us rabid from the first bounce. The Dogs came in thinking, and even believing they were able, but we took their heads out leaving them in a crumpled mess with our ruthless assaults.

There were heroes aplenty, with the usual suspects in Luke Hodge and Jordan 'Brownlow' Lewis leading the charge. Up forward Jarryd Roughead reminded us that he is a more complete player than Buddy ever was, and Brian Lake took the piss out of the conditions with his peerless judgment and effortless contested marking.

The game gave centre stage to the emergence of Taylor Duryea with him looking very like a Brent Guerra clone with his combination of toughness and skill.

At this point, we should also give thanks to the Collingwood 'brains-trust', who in their wisdom decided to let go of Jonathon Ceglar. His first three matches in 2015 have been stellar, with his tapping skill and marking ability a standout.

At 24, a virtual babe in ruckmen terms, he will only get better, and better.

On the flip side, the game raised this question:

Is Matt Suckling in our best 22 when all are fit?

I will leave you with the lasting memory of the embrace between Cyril and WhiteX caught in the rooms after.

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