Sunday, April 12, 2015

View from the outer, round 2

Well done Bombers, certainly a team that plays well with great 'chemistry'

Sour grapes aside

It was an unacceptable performance by Hawthorn that would have raised the ire of head coach Alastair Clarkson leading to a paint stripping serve of real intensity.

The reaction will prove to be pitch fork in the season with the playing group forced to switch from their early season cruise control to steely focus.

Fear for the Dogs next week!

First, let us dissect the events of yesterday's 2 point loss.

1, A game all about time

We lost by 2 points, after only playing 45 minutes of the games 120 minute duration. 

That equally damns as well as compliments. With it pointing the finger firmly at our lack of application for the complete game while highlighting our potential at the same time. 

Ultimately to comeback after being behind by 35 points 3 minutes from half time and hit the front by 16 points with only 5 minutes left, only to lose, was unacceptable

2, McEvoy offers food for thought for Clarko

The injury early to James Frawley put the acid on the Hawks brains trust to find a match up for the Dons two key forwards. They turned to ruckman McEvoy on Jake Carlisle, who applied himself with due aplomb by combating Carlisle well.

The extension to this going forward is it offers Clarko the opportunity to use McEvoy in this role if needed. Like, Tippett at the Swans could be a likely fit, or other ruckman types resting forward.

On top of this his act in the last to win the ball in a milling pack, tapping it to our advantage in a real courageous act of desperation reeked of leadership.

3, Stick or Shift with James Sicily?

There is something about this kid that gets your pulse racing.

Maybe it is his likeness to Dermott Brereton, in his look, and style of play.

Admittedly he is very raw and granted another full season with Box Hill would knock off his rough edges making him a more refined player. 

But, the strength of our forward line could allow us to carry him, and give an on the job form of finishing. Supporting this is he provides that old style lead and mark centre half forward, which would arguably be more productive than using a resting ruckman forward

Your thoughts, fellow Hawkers?

4, Will 'Jesus' rise two weeks late?

My apologies for my blasphemy

But, with the injury to James Frawley, likely long-term

It seems, after a fine performance in a Box Hill Hawks practice game on the weekend that Matt 'Jesus' Spangher resurrection into the seniors will come against the Dogs

5, June 27th becomes a red letter day!

I am sure fellow Hawkers can emphasise the rage we felt watching the Dons players celebrating, particularly obnoxious mungs like Goddard and Chapman. Made worse by most of us surrounded by feral Don supporters in the crowd and on the train trip home. 

I was stalked by a horde all the way back to Bittern!

Hands up if you want us to GIVE IT to them in the rematch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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