Monday, April 6, 2015

The view from the Outer ( round 1 )

Watching Hawthorn demolish Geelong, I  felt like a pup with a second tail to wag.

My vengeful appetite appeased on seeing us bash them up, after years of watching Geelong heap scorn on us on the field, and their fans administering the salt to our wounds off it.

Allow me to wax lyrically about the win

1, Is there a better midfielder in the game at present than Jordan Lewis?

Names like Nat Fyfe, Ablett jnr, Joey Kennedy amongst others come up in response to this claim. I would view Lewis comparable to any, with him in the last few years adding a real outside threat to his respected inside game. Making him a complete mid. His decision making in all situations is of the highest calibre dictating his place amongst the sincerely elite.

Get on him for the Brownlow!

2, Jonathon Ceglar could be good, very good!

The expectation on ruckman in this age has gone from an emphasis on their tap work to a desire for them to be de facto midfielders. The beauty of Ceglar is his coverage of the ground to get to contests, and running off the ball to get to contests is first rate placating this desire.

But, he takes it a step further by warming the hearts of us traditional fans through his astute tap work as seen in 11 of his 15 hit outs going to advantage.

Like our midfield needed any further help.....:P

The combo he formed with Ben McEvoy was nigh on perfect. With Ceglar taking 80% of the rucking duties with McEvoy proving his worth forward. In respect to providing that monster body who is strong overhead and smashes up packs to create crumbs for our litany of dangerous mids/smalls.

3, You're a DOG Stevie J!

What is it about Geelong these days?

Last year a player who is respected by all in James Bartel shamelessly diving to milk a free, and now Stevie J with his late hit on Sam Mitchell.

Frustrated souls!

It will be interesting to see the punishment if any he gets from the revamped MRP committee/

Three weeks fellow Hawkers?

4, Is James Frawley, Josh Gibson's new best mate?

James Frawley's debut got plaudits for his dexterity as a vindicated key back.

Going forward, his ripple effect on others will be as decisive

We saw that yesterday with Josh Gibson running around with all the care of a two-year-old. Freed of all responsibility of having to mark power forwards, or run shotgun for players entrusted to mark them. He played essentially as a high half back with elite decision-making adding to our deadly dangerous rebound. All our backline marauders jets will benefit, and scarily for oppositions was arguably our best back line rebounder in Grant Birchall was missing.

Going forward with the focus on Gibson, it would not surprise if he had bursts in the midfield similarly to how Jarryd Roughed does.

The last word on Frawley casting an eye forward to the Swans, and Buddy- he would represent the perfect match up for him with his strength, and deceptive pace

5, Paul Puopolo reminds us of Michael 'Disco' Roach

You have to love little Poppy, who combines the grit and bite of a pit bull with the pizzazz of a gogo dancer.

With his hanger yesterday, it reminded us of a classic mark from Richmond's Michael Roach

In no way am I being biased, but Poppy's mark was way better......................

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