Monday, April 27, 2015

Round 5 Selection Table

With the North game rising in importance with our 2/2 start to the season. I thought I would delve into the scutterbug of the 22 that will don the Brown and Gold for the clash.

There are two forced changes with Brian Lake going out with a knee and Poppy succumbing to a hammy. Lake's absence is huge, with other key backs in James Frawley, 'Jesus' Spangher and youngster Kaiden Brand also in the treatment room. The only valid replacement is the forgotten man Ryan Shoenmakers coming in. 

After the club was willing to let him go the fact that he is such a key man in the next month throws up a delicious irony. The lad has many detractors but wouldn't it be lovely to see him step up to the plate and silence his many them.

Poppy's possible replacement throws up a few possibilities with the likely one being Jed Anderson to play a like for like defensive forward role. Other possibilities are them bringing in a pure forward like either Tim O'Brien or James Sicily and forego playing the resting ruck forward. They could also look to strengthen the midfield in tight by adding a natural in and under player Alex Woodward, who got leather poisoning in the VFL game against Coburg with 36 touches.

I would include Woodward to add another clearance specialist. On top of this the inclusion of another pure mid like Jed Anderson, Jono O'Rourke or Jonathan Simpkin would be advisable with a flanker like Matt Suckling going out. 

The midfield will be key against North with them likely to stack their forward line with talls and us going in lacking height and presence in our back half. Hence, we need to win the midfield battles to stifle the entries into their forward line as well as allowing our mids to help out our defence when flooding back. They need to fill the holes to fracture the leading paths for the North forwards.

The key will be how well Shoey goes as well as Josh Gibson, who will be expected to play a key defenders role away from the comfort of his zone off position. Hodgey will likely pick up that slack, manning one of the less respected North talls and impacting on the contest with his usual aplomb.

Roll on Saturday night!


In: Shoey, Woodward, Anderson

Out: Lake, Poppy, Suckling

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