Friday, April 10, 2015

Preview, Hawthorn versus Essendon

Memories become legacy.....

- The dog Kevin Sheedy falsely accusing Hawthorn under Allan Jeans using drugs in 84, and never being man enough to apologise.

- The last quarter of the 1984 Grand Final, after we won every game against the Dons that season, they run over us in the last quarter of the season, stealing a flag

- 1985 GF, with them humiliating us in Lethal's last game

- Matthew Lloyd flattening Brad Sewell

- The constant 'We use liniment, and Hawthorn players use tanning lotion' taunts during the 00's

- James Hird stating he 'HATES THE HAWKS....'

- Sam Mitchell being deprived of a deserved Brownlow Medal due to ' Jab' Watson being drug assisted in 2012.

I could go on, but, needless to say, these memories have nurtured our blood hatred for that vile mass from Windy Hill

With more memories to come when hostilities resume on Sunday

The Teams


B: Michael Hibberd, Cale Hooker, Martin Gleeson

HB: Brent Stanton, Jake Carlisle, James Gwilt

C: Jake Melksham, Jobe Watson, Mark Baguley

HF: Travis Colyer, Michael Hurley, Dyson Heppell

F: Paul Chapman, Patrick Ambrose, Adam Cooney

FOL: Tom Bellchambers, Brendon Goddard, David Zaharakis

I/C: Ben Howlett, Zach Merrett, Joe Daniher, Jason Ashby

EMER: Shaun McKernan, Courtenay Dempsey,Lauchlan Dalgleish

IN: James Gwilt, Jason Ashby

OUT: Dustin Fletcher (Groin), David Myers (Shoulder)


B: Shaun Burgoyne, James Frawley, Brian Lake

HB: Grant Birchall, Josh Gibson, Ben Stratton

C: Isaac Smith, Sam Mitchell, Bradley Hill

HF: Luke Breust, Jack Gunston, Will Langford

F: Paul Puopolo, Jarryd Roughead, Cyril Rioli

FOL: Jonathon Ceglar, Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis

I/C: Ben McEvoy, Jonathan O'Rourke, Jed Anderson, Matthew Suckling

EMER: Taylor Duryea, Ryan Schoenmakers, James Sicily

IN: Grant Birchall, Jonathan O'Rourke

OUT: Liam Shiels (Hamstring), Taylor Duryea (Omitted)

Essendon will miss the gogo gadget man Duncan Fletcher in defence against murderers row like Hawthorn forward line. Myers absence will also be underrated, depriving the team of a player who excels in the contested ball while acting as a valuable link man.

The ins and outs for the Hawks only serve to emphasise how strong their line up is. With Taylor Duryea desperately unlucky to be omitted, but replaced by an All Australian half back in Grant Birchall.

The Game 

Round 1 results offer a deceptive view, but, on first glance both teams were very impressive. With Hawthorn flogging Geelong despite putting the cue in the rack at three-quarter time, and Essendon being very impressive against Sydney until their drugs wore off.

'Meant' to say until they ran out of gas due to most having a lack of pre-season training.

When you look at Essendon on paper, you rate them as a team on the rise, but, at present a 5-8 team. One that has quality players particularly key position gems but lacks the depth of quality to challenge one like Hawthorn.

For them to have a chance of an upset they would have to hold the edge in the midfield allowing their promising forward line a jump on their Hawk defenders. Where this falls is they will struggle to match Hawthorn in the ruck, where in particular Jonathon Ceglar not only wins taps, but puts them to the advantage of the Hawk mids. As a domino effect, this means the Dons inside mids will have to fight twice as hard to get first use of the ball lined up against a higher calibre midfield corps. If they fail in this, and the Hawks dominate on the inside as well as being able to transition cleanly to their lethal outside runners it could get ugly for Essendon. Particularly, when you factor in the effect of the Hawk defensive rebounders as well.

I say this, for, with precise, fast entry into their forward line, one can see the Hawks running amok

Just quietly fellow Hawkers, how good did Cyril and Jed look individually, and together?

Round 2 focus player- Jono O'Rourke

A class youngster, as an outside or inside midfielder he has it all to be a vindicated star. Skill, speed, runs all day and has real footballing smarts.

You can see him rotating through the midfield off the back and forward flanks and showing his pedigree.

In a few years, the Hawks faithful will debate which was the greater steal off GWS, either Jed Anderson or Jono'O'Rourke.

Both looks stars


The Jameson flowing from the am hours, and a Hawks win

Hodgey to welcome Dyson Heppell with a rib-tickling bump like he did to that Geelong nobody in the first seconds last week

I would predict us pantsing them, but, I just think we might coast in 3rd gear

Hawks by 40 points

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