Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who are your all time 5 favourite Hawks players?

Who are your all-time favourite players? A question that is a nigh-on impossible challenge; to separate one player from another in a game that makes one feel such a gamut of emotions.

I came to my decision by remembering the ones who compelled me to share in their experience and walk a mile in their shoes.

These are the five I settled on, but fellow Hawkers, who are yours?

Michael Tuck

I remember being on duty in my role as a teacher one day. On the school oval, I saw a mass of kids at one end, and a man in dirty overalls unfurling huge torps.

As I got closer, I saw the number of kids growing, all entranced as they watched the ball spin through the air and went on, and on, and on.

I focussed on the man as silence befell me. It was Michael Tuck with a Cheshire cat grin on his face sincerely loving giving back to the public.

Later I found out he was the schools plumber, and always did this for the kids with the blessing of the school's Principal. I wish he could know just how much that meant in an area that was poor as poor can be.

That is the reason so many adored him with him exuding self-effacing charm, a man that was humble, proud, but still confident.

The perfect leader with players willing to walk through Hells fire for him.

In truth, as I reminisce I view him as one of the games most underrated. He is always remarked on for his longevity in the game with him holding the games record of 426 as well as the amount of flags, in 7 he played in.

But, how many times do you hear just how good he was?

James 'The Freak' Morrissey

' They call this boy 'The Freak' - what can he do? ... That is why they call him 'The Freak'!

A classic line from Sandy Roberts after 'The Freak' grabbed the loose ball 55 metres out, and while off balance still managed to torp through a goal....

Sealing the 1991 Qualifying final in Subiaco against WCE, silencing their feral masses, and muzzling their fanbois Dennis Commetti. Who was starting to realise that he was going to have his 'Too slow...Too old...not good enough..' quote about us shoved down his arrogant, sanctimonious throat!


That game, if anything exemplified my love for James Morrissey.

With him displaying what a high calibre player he was. Still possessing his freakishness, but, being pivotal in the 1991 flag as a progressive tagger. He was ahead of his time in the role by adding attacking charisma to it setting him apart from the scragging types of the age such as Dean Chiron and Shane Kerrison.

Vastly underrated player, who would have doubled the 106 games he played for us if he were at any other club.

Just quietly, his flat foot running style was way cool too

Dermott Brereton

People laugh at me when without hesitation I say Brereton was better than Wayne Carey

Do yourself a favour, compare the performances of both in big matches, and get back to me.

The aspect of Brereton, aside from his ability as a player, and a virtual banker in big matches was he, if anything embodied the feel of the fan base at the time. When that piece of crap Kevin Sheedy ( apologies to pieces of crap for insulting you ) defiled the legendary Alan Jeans with his false accusations of drug use, and failed to apologise after it was proven a lie.

Dermie took personal umbrage, and, still does to this day.

He took every chance to do what we as fans so wanted to do by sticking it to the maggot Sheedy ( apologies for insulting maggots ) and Essendon. Running through their huddle in one game, Koing Paul VanderHaar and crushing Daisy Williams ribs in another. And, even in retirement being the instigator of the 'Line in the sand match.'

Where our players finally made the Dons players regret their 'Hawthorn players use tanning lotion while we use linament' taunts

Vindicated star, and Hawthorn through and through.

Geoff 'The Racehorse' Ablett

People always remark on Gary Ablett Snr, and junior, but, back in the 1970's the first of the Ablett's was a vindicated star.

Hehe, just loved his faster than a speeding bullet pace. You would see him grab the ball with opponents in proximity, and then he would flick on the jets leaving them in his wake. Finishing with his trademark booming kick

Rarely mentioned, but, did he ever play a bad game?

Luke Hodge

Do I need to pen why we love Hodge?

Let my silent awe fill your mind with a million reasons why............

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