Monday, March 30, 2015

Did Hawthorn miss a golden opportunity?

Hawthorn's season launch in 2015 with the inductions of four greats into our Hall of Fame was a night all about reverence coloured by recollections.

Stirring emotions, as we stood in awe of the contributions of the inductees, both on and off the field to our great club. The bigger picture was that all embodied 'Hawthorn', our resilience as a club, never say die attitude and family ethos

It was a salient point with our success in 2014, fresh in minds

A year that culminated in back to back flags, but was like a Rocky movie, battered, bruised, bowed, and counted out on more than one occasion. Only to reach deep within as a group to withstand a barrage of cruel Fate, then raise a defiant finger in the face of it.

Triumphant against our nearest rivals as well as the footballing Gods.

It made me think of a perfect opportunity to pay proper homage to the man that made this all possible by standing defiant in our greatest battle against the takeover bid from Melbourne in 1996.

Don Scott

A great of the club, who already has a justified place in our Hall of Fame for his deeds on the field.

Shouldn't his place in saving us dictate Legend status?

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