Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sense of Regret Over Ryan Harris , and 'What If '

On witnessing the complete and eclectic brilliance of Ryan Harris in the two Ashes Test he has been involved in, it made you think how inexplicable it was to overlook him in the First Test of the series. The fragility of his body was the reason for this, with him in essence being built like Tarzan, but sadly is as fragile as Jane meaning he was a risk they were not willing to take.

Which was greeted with uproar by fans and pundits alike, for in keeping with the jungle theme, they all know that Harris is a bowler of rare ability that has it in him to be the King of even the fiercest jungle.

You saw that in the current Test, with the partnership of Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen of 115 runs looking deadly dangerous with the promise of it becoming a game changing collaboration. In particular, Bell looked like he had all series with him dazzling you with his stroke play while frustrating the Hell out of you by the fact that he looked impregnable on a pitch that was a virtual Route 66. Enter Harris, with him castling Bell with an off cutter that was of such sincere genius, that it not only left the English batsman aghast, but all that witnessed it with accompanying jaws hitting the turf in stunned awe.

I am a strange fellow with me standing and applauding the subtle brilliance, but then feeling an overwhelming feeling of 'regret'. The basis of this,was the appalling luck Harris has had with injuries as seen in him being only able to partake in 13 of Australia's 35 Tests since his debut in 2010. 

Which always leads me to the ultimate act of sour grapes in Sport by questioning 'What If'

Allow me one dalliance with this nonsense mentality........

The recent Wasim Akram exclamation that James Anderson was the 'Best Fast bowler in the World' was absurd for it overlooked one Dale Steyn. While, it was also a  headline outside of English fans that held Anderson up to ridicule. With most, if not all having the utmost respect for Anderson, and the mastery in his craft, but not the awe inspiring calibre and associated respect to have headlines as such be in his honour.

Ryan Harris, if the Gods were kind had this potential....

The completeness of Harris compels me to say this with not only his immense skill set standing out, but the varied nature of it. People will see him merely as a line and length bowler that relies on a bit of nip, or swing to get his victims. But he has such a spider and fly astuteness in how he sets batsmen up. In an Age, where most batsmen are solely front foot players, and few have a dexterity of back foot play his brilliance in giving them an old school work over is compelling.

Which is seen in the natural hostility that bubbles under his surface coming out. Where he will bowl at his 135 clicks lulling the batsmen in, and then ramping one up to 145 aimed at the badge on the batsmans helmut to push them back setting them up for LBW or bowled as Bell fell victim too..

Every time you see this, you swear the immortal Malcolm Marshall is smiling down at him from Heaven such is the expertise..

His skill is immense, but the thought that goes into it is probably of the extent that makes you think he attended the D,K,Lillee of bowling smarts

I could wax lyrically for pages on my admiration for Harris, and firm belief of what his destiny should have encompassed

But, instead I will fill a liberally poured Jamesons and toast him leading the Aussies to a victory in this Test!

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