Sunday, March 10, 2013

Should India Have Dropped Virender Sehwag?

Before the ink was even drying on the axing of Virender Sehwag, the prominent voices from Harsha to Dada were weighing in with their views that ranged from potential comebacks to conspiracy theories over the Master Blaster Indian. Significantly, all were blindly hysterical in their support of the ousted opener without ever entertaining the possibility that the decision was one that was for the best of Team India

You could understand this reaction with their views being influenced by the immense respect held for Sehwag. A player that was universally recognised as being the most intimidating in the modern game in a manner only seen in the likes of the immortal Master Blaster Viv Richards. A devastating blend of thrill a minute entertainment coupled with rarely seen match winning ability that was completed with a fear factor that used to intimidate opponents to their very core.

The real bastion of his greatness and meaning was that he was seen by many as being the most crucial part of a batting line up often viewed as one of the best the game has ever seen. A player that with his outrageous stroke play from ball one of an innings and penchant for big scores stripped oppositions bare forcing them to have a soul focus on him or run the risk of him being 200* and the game be virtually over by an hour after Tea on day one. In the midst of this it allowed his Team mates to bat with little or no pressure on them which greatly aided in the likes of Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and the Very Very Special ones sincere genius

All of these words about Sehwag are true, but the sad part of them if you are a fan of his is they seem to be very much in the past with him looking a shadow of the player that used to be the star of every oppositions Captain and bowling units nightmares.  A record of just 916 at an average of 28.62 in his last 32 innings of the previous two years show his diminished nature. With his perfectly in sync hand eye coordination that used to propel his master blaster batting now confined to memory. And with no footwork or technique to fall back on he looked as frail as Phil Hughes against even the thought of Spin. 

The reality of this was seen in him donning spectacles as if to raise a white flag in surrender to the tyranny of time.

Facts that gave every support for his axing, but in support of him being retained even if he is carried in the hope of a renaissance was that India is 2 nil up in a 4 Test series that they are dominating against 'Michael Clarke'.....

Meaning they could afford to either keep Sehwag at the top of the order in the hope of a turn around knowing that even if he did not he represented a psychological presence over their under fire opposition because of his past exploits against them. Alternatively, they could have tried to reinvent him by moving him to 6 in the line up a way from the life in the new ball

A move that was seen to bare instant fruit in Sehwag's last game for Dehli with him striking a characteristic century after coming in at 6 in the 2nd innings.

In the face of the current situation of the series and the benefit that a return to form from Sehwag would mean to Team India it seems like an easy decision to make in the knowledge that you are virtually playing with the Banks Money.

With the current situation in mind, the question needs to be asked why was he dropped?

The answer to this lays in India's very real attempt to use this series as a way to embrace transition. 

With the focus on eradicating their almost insulting on-field attitude that has always bordered on unacceptably lapse and scaled out to insulting uncaring in the many times in the recent past where they have been seen to just give up.

It has prompted 'Captain Cool' M.S.Dhoni to become 'Captain Committed' over this issue meaning impressional youth to be moulded are the present and the future with the old guard with their flawed demeanour to be cast aside.

Sehwag was the bastion of this old guard with his laconic almost uncaring nature in the field meaning that he had to go with it undermining the new 'India' that is now very much under construction

It seems that the door back into Team India will be locked after Sehwag's exit too


  1. Hi Tim.......A good writ up. Its not all over for Sehwag. All he needs is a good COUNTY season and he can reenter Team India with a BANG.....!

    1. Thank you for the comment Subu ji, but i think it is the end for Sehwag, unless his replacements fail miserably because his dropping is as much about attitude as it is form. Plus Dhoni has long memories about his 'enemies'- so first Gambhir goes and now Viru. Allowing Dhoni to be the undisputed ruler again

  2. Delhi Daredevils Prayer Virender Sehwag Return In Team might be a morale-booster for DD. But then that's there is to it. If he doesn't perform, then DD will be just ignored, by everybody. Let us all hope that he sets the stadium on fire!