Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Reasons Why India Will Whitewash Australia

A dramatic eye catching headline to shamelessly attract the attention of both sets of fans as well as being a result that I am near certain will happen after watching the first stanza of this series

1, The Conditions 

The rank turner type pitch conditions as seen in the 1st Test without a shadow of a doubt will be the same all series long. The net result of this is that it gives real might to a pretty average side like India by accentuating their strengths as well as very adeptly concealing their main weaknesses.

With the flip side of this being that it neutralises all of Australia's main weapons and exposes their weaknesses in the profoundest manner. The key strength being Australia's pace corps that have been the basis of the Teams recent successes  As seen at Chennai, the pitch was deadened to the extent that it killed off the threat of fast bowlers meaning Australia had little or no chance of getting 10 wickets let alone 20.

I say this because it put a huge focus on the Teams greatest weakness in regards to Spin. On this point they have no viable options for this series with Nathan Lyon who has been an incumbent in the 11 for near on 2 years looking ineffectual in the first game to the extent that he bordered on a burden to the Team. His match figures of 244/4 showed his lack of threat with him not even being able to act as a holding bowler in a defensive sense. With the Indian batsmen either choosing to milk him or maul him ( economy rate 4.64 ). In his defence, he would greatly be aided by the support of a 2nd spinner which the Team ideally wants. The sticking point being that they do not have a viable option with Xavier Doherty touted but with a Test average of over 100 and a first class one of over 44 would you choose him against the Indian's?

To rub salt into the Aussie wounds, the Indians have arguably their most skilled spinner in Pragyan Ohja up their sleeve. A bowler that against the clueless Aussie batsmen could run amok.

2, The Incompetence of the Aussie Selectors

The one thing that stood out in the first game and its aftermath was that Australia desperately needed support in their spin department. The farcical side of this is that the Team has admitted this need in the lead up to the 2nd game but are likely to go in with an unchanged side because they have little faith in the spinners in reserve to be a factor?

Call me dumb, but why in the Hell were they selected for the tour in the first place if there is no confidence in their 'abilities'?

Especially when they overlooked Steve O'Keefe, who has been very impressive with the ball this year as well as being a very useful lower order batsman. He is not an A Grade entity as a bowler but fills you with enough confidence to know that he could have done a job in this series. Even if it was as a defensive bowler that builds pressure and knicks a wicket here and there.

3, The Renaissance of the Indian Spinners 

The English series was characterised by the inexperience of the Indian spinners being exposed. As this series begun it seems that a few Indian boys have grown into men with them adhering to the keys of their art that leads to success. Gone was the different type of ball bowled on different lengths and lines from the previous series with a relentless attack adhered too. Underlined by the ruthless bowling of their stock ball at an exemplary level with varieties being like a Cobras sting because of their unexpected nature

Against a frail Aussie batting line up they were like a hot knife through butter

4, The Aussie 'Batting' Line Up sans Michael Hussey

Do you think the Aussie batting misses Mr Cricket?

To me his retirement has ripped the heart out of the Team and taken the batting line up that was questionable to being substandard.

Answer this

Aside from Michael Clarke, who else do you have faith in in the batting?

In these spinning conditions, I would suggest no one with this being compounded by the experience lost to the Team by Hussey calling it quits. India is a cauldron, where success is based around hardened veterans excelling through the lessons that experience has taught as well as them offering guidance to the young. The inexperienced batsmen lack the patience and composure to work their way through the issues confronting them. Which leads to meek and soft dismissals like Ed Cowans in the first innings and Matthew Wade's appalling shot in the 2nd.

This line up is in truth likely to be the spinners 'bitch' all series long with no relief in sight

5, The Sachin Factor 

You want a definition of a 'Sleeping Giant' you only have to look at the Sachin Tendulkar of the last two years

But come Chennai at the start of this series and he was back to near his best

Which of course will have a huge bearing on this series by the genius in his batting and the pressure it takes off others

There is more to this though with him representing a benefit to the Team that could be worth a win in others manners.

Most notably the way his Team mates will feel and the confidence it breeds in them with him playing well. In a sense they are made to walk taller.

This accentuated by the extra crowds that will come to the games that a Tendulkar return to form will represent meaning greater support for all the Indians as well as greater pressure applied on the Aussies

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