Sunday, January 13, 2013

Whatmore vs Kirsten 2013 | Key Battles in SA Part 3 | Coaches Corner

Two highly qualified coaches. Two world cup winning coaches. Two coaches who have coached more than one country. I rate Kirsten as the best around along with Stuart Law who is now coaching the youth and women’s sides in Australia. However, Whatmore has been around the block for a long time and that experience will come in handy. This is only his 2nd series in charge of the Pakistan test side, the previous one was an unsuccessful tour of Sri Lanka where they were beaten 1-0 in 3 a match rubber, despite some promising individual performances from the younger players, in particular. It’s fascinating to see different coaches for different formats in place now with Ashley Giles taking over from Andy Flower with England’s one day assignments, although Flower is still overall in charge. It is something I previously anticipated and ideally it’s what Pakistan could have done assuming the ‘politics’ culture was non-existent. Mohsin Khan could have stayed with the test side with Whatmore in the limited over assignments. Mohsin won all of his 3 test series without losing a test along the way and I feel he can feel a touch hard done by given the overwhelming nature of his achievements. Whatmore has coached Pakistan in 30 internationals, winning 14 and losing 12 thus far.

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