Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Feel Good Story That is Pakistan

I must admit to raising my glass in a dual toast as 2013 dawned on us....

With one in derision of the irrational haters that must be choking on their vitriol after celebrating Pakistan being on its knees in 2010 only to see them rise. Followed by a real heart felt respect to a Pakistan Cricket Team that stood on the edge of oblivion only to have them turn to face it with a defiant finger raised to their precursors making them know you will never beat us

The reaction in itself was inspirational followed by a rise that has been truly startling. Seeing them not only climb back to their feet, so they can go on, but then take many steps forward in a reinvention that has been greeted by unbridled awe from startled onlookers. 
In appreciation of how they have respected their past flashiness and unpredictability but given it real credibility and might with the solidness and principled nature it has married it with. Creating a new look Team that is now not only very hard to break down, but made an entity of real threat with an X-Factors of sublime brilliance that always bubbles under the surface in times of need

One name in Misbah ul Haq in his role as Captain has been so remarkable that he has invoked this renaissance that was comparable to re floating the SS Titanic.

In a sense he has reshaped it in his manner with the Team becoming a revered principled unit respected for its dour steady play in Test Cricket. A style that might not endear itself to the fans who so loved the previous snap, crackle and pop of flashy play with the associated crash and burn that goes with it. A past of symbolised by the dramatic and compelling in a cocktail of such pleasing play that saw remarkable wins from dead to rites position as well as similar gut wrenching defeats that mystified all.

All this is gone with Misbah's steadiness born into the Team which has emanated by their new found consistency. A consistency being met by constant jokes from critics about an implosion so characterised with the 'Old Pakistan' being a heart beat a way. Instead we have seen a two year period that has only seen 14 players rotated through the Test Team and a solidarity forged within the group that is akin to an iron cast fist.

As you look at the team, it is almost surreal to acknowledge it as being arguably the strongest from a leadership point of view in World Cricket. With Misbah a Statesman like figure supported by able bodied Lieutenants in the aptly named Professor Mohammad Hafees and the young tyro in Azhar Ali. Throw in other respected figures like Younis Khan and Umar Gul and you dispel the surreal nature of the claim and embrace its reality

So what does 2013 hold for a 'band of brothers' backed by talent, substance, X-factor and made real by the strength of its leaders?
Destiny awaits the Team in the early ides of 2013 in South Africa

The same way it did in the same time of 2012 in a series with the then number one England that offered them new found respect. That saw
 them whitewash the English in a style of Cricket that was relentless in its determination and top shelf from its standard of play.
The performance was one of the most impressive seen in a good long time with it aided by England literally falling into a Pakistani ambush. With England vastly under estimating Pakistan's calibre and being laid to waste with the expertise in Pakistan's spin. That exploited a gaping weakness previously unknown in the English batting.

Pakistan will pose no surprises to South Africa meaning they will have to beat them by being the better Team. 
Young Tyros-Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq
In my Heart though, I think that this tour will be part of a Destiny for the Team with victory in the series being the first step to embrace this destiny.

They have everything to make this the first startling reality of 2013. With the teams bowling being both excellent and eclectic in its spin and pace departments, the batting getting better all the time with two of the best youngsters in the game in Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq and the cherry on the top being how well they are led.

Cricket will be better if it is a reality!


  1. Tim you nailed it once again, thanks for speaking minds of Pakistani fan (they only speak their hearts which leads to such taunts against Misbah :P)

  2. The best synopsis of a team I have read in a while. Great work guru ji!

  3. A very Beautiful Write-up as Usual ... Admire your work which show the true representation of a dedicated fan .. ty

  4. that is quite a nice story indeed and I did not know or heard about it before, I am happy I came and read this post of yours, thanks for the good story