Saturday, January 5, 2013

The 'Badrinath-ing' of Ajinkya Rahane

It was if Ajinkya Rahane was a man on a stage and playing out a tribute to the dare devil antics of the true master Eknath Solkar in close. Inspirational was his dedication with him encroaching on the batsman as the ball was bowled and flailing his hands, legs and body out at any ball coming his way in an attempt to deflect them for in a miraculous catch. 

The opposition was well on top with the state of play being accompanied by the all too common sight of the slumped shoulders of his Team mates and them going through the motions. Meaning he wore many blistering blows which were all greeted by him smiling as though they were badges on honour showing he was willing to endure anything for the sake of Team India. Awe inspiring, particularly with him on as 12th man and not having the same ownership of the situation as the others. 

On that show of patriotism alone, it challenged the mindset of ambivalence within his more noted peers and quite literally compelled them to turn it around through the shame his example brought on them. A show of real leadership from a virtual outsider to a group that had descended into a dysfunctional individuals with ambivalence as their Mark of Cain.

It shamed the Selectors and Mssrs Dhoni and Fletcher more with their blinkered treatment of a man who was not only worthy for the Team on his consistent excellence as shown in his gluttony of runs. But then made them look incompetent in not seeing the qualities in Rahane that could help alleviate one of India's major ills. In its appalling lack of care as seen in an insipid propensity to give up in the face of any challenge.

On all levels it begged the question over Rahane's continuous non selection in the Indian Test Team. With the names of Yuvraj Singh and Ravendra Jadeja, who were preferred to him in the recent English series bordering on farcical with them failing in any comparison made to Rahane. Previously Suresh Raina, a tried and true failure in Test Cricket was selected in front of the Mumbaite defying even a drunkards rationale.

To coin a phrase, it portrayed a 'Badrinath-ing' in the victimisation metered out to Rahane.

My first-class average is 63.35. I have travelled a lot with the Indian team. When openers fail, I am not picked; when middle order fails, I am still not picked. I wonder if I am good enough for this beast called Test cricket 

A story of calibre shared by so many in the recent past of Indian Cricket...

Highlighted by Subramaniam Badrinath cruel treatment by Selectors with his poison chalice seemingly passed on to Ajinkya Rahane. Which in a destructive sense for India is akin to cutting themselves off at its knees with it killing the ambitions and motivation of their budding players

Indelibly seen in the diminished nature of another in Rohit Sharma

"This guy is ready for test cricket!".

Sharma is a very talented young player and I think he has got a huge future, and the fact that he played with a lot of freedom at the Gabba the other day and played some wonderful shots, but then he had to fight very hard for his runs here at the MCG. That will help with his experience at learning how to play this game at the highest level.  

( Ian Chappell 2008 )

5 years on, he is still awaiting that chance, and has been reduced to being the most ridiculed player in Indian Cricket. Sadly, the jokes made of Rohit only serve to poke fun at the incompetent handling of such precocious talents by the Indian think tank. Compare Sharma's example with that of Cheteshwar Pujara and in particular Virat Kohli, who were selected when they were on fire and have paid the selectors back in kind. 
Rohit, I have no doubt would have been the same success offering India a 10 year batting pillar in the Test Team only to be reduced to more likely to a case of 'what might of been' with how absurdly his career has been handled

Rahane is now confronted with the same destiny with an upcoming 4 Test series at home against Australia where only Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli are the only certainties in the top 6.

To be dramatic with 4 positions on offer or at worst one and him being more than able in all it represents his Waterloo

One can only hope that the Selectors do not cruelly sink him once more


  1. not expecting rahane and few others to be picked in future also bcoz Jadeja,Yuvraj,sehwag,gambhir and co will keep getting chances again and again,and by the time they retires the rahane's and Tiwari's will be on the wrong side of 20's and may have lost all their zeal..

  2. The Indian selection process rightly draws plenty of criticism. They make often bizarre choices - some you've highlighted - whilst having little in the way of a coherent play to progress the side.

    No one would deny the tremendous talent available in India but it is poorly utilised and often players that would be stalwarts elsewhere in the world are left out on what seems to be the basis of sentimentality.

    Maybe it's time for a top down reorganisation of the BCCI?