Monday, December 24, 2012

The 'Meaningless' Takes Away From Sachin Tendulkar's Sincere Meaning To ODI Cricket

I must admit that I have little or no interest in One Day international Cricket which I see as a tired and outdated for of the game that should be eradicated. A game that used to be reminiscent of this festive time of the year as if it was like a special little treat for all, but has been watered down due to its frequency of scheduling and diminished in its appeal by the 'meaningless' tag attached to it.

Relevance in this little tirade is found in Sachin Tendulkar's retirement with the 'meaningless' nature of how the game is viewed at present
 taking away from the 'meaning' of the 'Little Master' to it. 
His timing played a huge part in this with the miraculous Test series loss to England at home where he struggled mightily taking precedence. Meaning Team India has been subjected to scathing criticism at home coupled with rampant ridicule outside of India with much of the focus on Tendulkar and 'his need' to retire

A cruel ambivalence was prevalent in the aftermath of Tendulkar's announcement or other reactions like it is about time or questions about his Test future.

Which condemned a human flaw to do everything in its power to try to cut down the truly brilliant while at the same time never fully appreciating their transcendent genius
Sachin Tendulkar in a nutshell........
His record in this form of the game is untouchable and reeking of brilliance that you truly cannot put into words

A highlight being his legacy in his part in the revolutions in the ODI game seeing the opening position be transformed from a slow and steady role to a trail blazing kamikaze pursuit. With names such as Mark Greatbach, Sanath Jayasuriya, Adam Gilchrist, Saeed Anwar and others showing various dexterity.

Tendulkar from his very first outing in this role against the unfortunate New Zealanders in 2004 not only replicated the best of the best previously seen, but then took it a step further. 

Think of a man that possesses Tendulkar's sublime shot making ability all around the wicket with his nice easy power that rockets off his heavy weight back with a license to blitz.........
A bit like combining the best of Jayasuriya and Anwar........

Then take a few seconds to mourn the many bowling careers he finished and close your eyes and reminisce....

My recollections are embodied 3 periods in time that leave you wide eyed with your jaw gaping 
2003 versus Pakistan

Chasing 274 against a bitter rival makes the pressure cauldron like. Throw in a few 'handy' bowlers in the trio of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Ahktar and you are hoping for Divine intervention...

Coincidently Sachin is often referred to as God with his display in this win making many look at him and wonder if he is of this world

Best described in these words of homage 
First came a six, then a four, then divine magic allow the video to fully tell the tale of of this genius
'Ali versus Frazier'

The greatest heavy weight fight ever seen or if not, indeed the most hyped and looked forward too. 
As to what relevance it has in this article...

Glenn McGrath vs Sachin Tendulkar in the World Cup of 1996..

Australia ultimately won the match, but Tendulkar won a battle for the Ages in a manner that will have Grand Parents tell stories to grand kids that they will laugh of as Myth.

He was disdainful of his dismissal of McGrath's offerings highlighted in one shot that I still cannot believe. The Aussies were bowling a tight off side line supported by 5 in the ring on the off with McGrath laser like in his precision and driving to distraction with his line. To a ball tight on off short of a length, Tendulkar rocks back and effortlessly caresses the ball as though he is suspended in time that dissected the stacked field with surgical precision leaving all shocked.
And McGrath in shrugged shoulders disbelief.....

Later he took a similar ball off the same line and with the dexterity of his wrist flicked it majestically through the vacant on...

I still am pinching myself over not only the shots, but who he was playing them against!

Fate is finally kind

After carrying the Indian Team for the large part of his career it was justice that the World Cup victory of 2011 saw the Team pay him back in kind

There was a stunned silence in Sachin's home town of Mumbai in the Final as he fell for 18 with many thinking the perfect exclamation mark of a World Cup victory on his glorious career would never happen.

He walked off slumped, but his Team mates were never going to allow him to not be graced by the honour with them lifting India to a victory and to a man all dedicating it to Sachin's meaning and inspiration to not only them, but India as a whole.
Presenting the Little Master with what he described as 'the greatest moment of his career' and a perfect stage for him to exit ODI Cricket with the adulation he so deserved.

It seems for once that his perfect 'timing' was 'mistimed'


  1. Truth is. He was dropped for ODI series against Pakistan and hence he retired. Try to check news a day before team announcement he was available and keen to play this series. and just before the team announcement his retirement was declared. Let the great man go with dignity :)

    1. Yes, that is probably the real truth, but still does not diminish his legend in the ODI game.

      In truth, he has been treated shamefully