Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sri Lanka Chooses to Insult Its Fans

The investment that goes with Sport is comparable to any in Life with you giving so much of you into it, and at times to your detriment all of you. On a cricketing sense, the passions of the Sri Lankan masses rivals all others with them having such unconditional love for their Team through the good, bad and ugly.

A loyalty that is unshakable seeing their Team be supported by the raucous beating of drums and grounds laden with supporters coloured faces even when they were challenged by dreadful Teams on the ground with a lack of respect of it. A lack of respect that has never seen their sincerely brilliant players given the credit they deserve and the fabulous Teams that they have had given the appropriate scheduling to showcase their talents.

Come to Australia, and they often landed in 'Cricketing hotbeds' like Cairns and Darwin in the middle of the 'Summer of Cricket' in July!

Farcical...or maybe part of another curious Australian rotation policy?

There was no farce about yesterday with it staged at the bastion of Test respect in the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the most revered day of the Test year- Boxing Day

Coming off a respectable loss in Hobart, which was as much about the pitch and them having to bat on it at its worse as it was about the opposition t
hey arrived in Melbourne with more than a glint of a chance of a comeback.

Made better by the toss coming down in their favour allowing them to bat first on a pitch that looked a batting gem against an Aussie attack bereft of its main strike weapons and with a few weak links in it that stood out like dogs balls.

Nigh on 70000 eyes transfixed on the action with many being Sri Lankan ex pats adoring their heroes

What transpired was tantamount to a travesty to all who witnessed

With them presented with a stage to end a regrettable year on such a high, but instead choosing to play in an insipid and heartless manner that would have justified the Lion so attached with the Sri Lankan Team to be replaced by a bunch of Pussies.

A litany of dismissals that were more befitting as gifts on Christmas Day rather than in the raucous heat of battle of a Boxing Day clash. That culminated in a Team total of 156 on a pitch that had 450 written all over it.

Aussie fans will label me biased by not mentioning the cohesiveness of their bowling supported by their top notch fielding. But even the Aussies if truthful would admit to feeling as though Glenda the Good Fairy had kissed them on their nether regions by how many batting sacrifices there were. 4 of the top 6 married uncaring and reckless perfectly with how they got out with the manner and mindsets of Mahela Jayawardene and Thilan Samaraweera dismissals condemning them in the extreme. Especially with both veterans revered for their temperament and grit in times of crisis only to meekly succumb here.

Captain in waiting Angelo Mathews should be sat down and told talk is cheap with him stating of his needs as a batsman in the lead up to be more disciplined. Only to show in the match that his words were a crap shot by throwing away his innings in an shot that would have shamed a T20 slogger. Made worse when he represented redemption for the Team with Kumar Sangakkara looking as though he was set for a big one and begging for support. Only for Mathews to pass up a golden chance for credibility in his present as a batsman and future as a leader

Labelling it as embarrassing was understating a shameful display that diminished the reputation of not only Test Cricket, but also sullied the endless memories of such a hallowed venue and most of all shamed the proud heritage of a Sri Lankan 

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  1. what?? how come?? if that is really true, it is such a shame for Sri Lanka, shame on them!