Monday, December 31, 2012

Michael Hussey' Stumps Australia with His Mistimed Retirement

The shock retirement of Michael Hussey made me instantly revert back to a similar decision made by the Man seen as many as being the best Tennis player ever in the Ice Cool Swede Bjorn Borg. 

Nither retirements made any sense to I starting with Borg, who in 1981 had just reeled off 2 Slams and at the height of his powers at 26 deciding to pull the pin. Similarly, Hussey in 2012 had dominated in both Test Cricket with an average close to 60 with 4 centuries and dazzled in the T20 game with him widely regarded as one of its true masters.

A comparison between the two ends with Borg involved in a singles sport with responsibility only to himself. So you can understand if he wants to give up the demands of the Pro Tennis circuit in preference to a Life of luxury and indulgence with the decision adversely effecting no one.

Husseys decision has raised a whole different perspective with most, if not all applauding his timing when he is truly at the top of his game.

But few questioning his responsibility to the Team, and the adverse and profound effect this decision will have on it from a more than likely negative stand point.

From a Team point of view his timing borders on irresponsible with him turning his back on the Team when he is most needed

With a schedule in 2013 for the Aussies of two Ashes campaigns and a 4 Test series against arch rival India where everything that was Hussey was so needed you can't help but be critical of his decision. Fans of his decision will automatically point to his honest appraisal of his diminished mindset in regards to these tours with desire to  spend more time with his family now his focus

Which you can admire and respect, but then still his lack of appreciation of the greater needs of the Team burns.

Hussey himself has also scoffed at the potential damage to the Team with his thoughts as follows

"I'm not worried about the team whatsoever. We've got some fantastic candidates to come in -- probably too many to name,"

The truth of the current situation within the Team is the top 6 has been carried in a Batman and Robin like super hero style by Michael Clarke and Hussey with them scoring 2493 runs with 9 centuries. The rest of the Team has scored 3614 runs with just 6 centuries between them. Highlighted with a highest average amongst the rest  average of 43.77 followed by a huge drop off to the next best at 33.66.

If you take out Michael Clarke's runs, Hussey has contributed 24.84% of the remaining runs that Australia has scored in 2012. 

How Australia fill the hole he leaves is a massive question. All I can say for sure is that there is no one of his class, ability or temperament waiting on the sidelines. ( Peter Miller )

The Team will obviously bemoan Hussey's loss of runs, but then the effect on Clarke cannot be under played with the pressure mounting on him to remain as stellar as he was in 2012 and even more so to cover Mr Crickets contributions. A 2012 where Clarke averaged 106.33 will be nigh on impossible to replicate by the fact that it was so outrageously brilliant, but also with the focus that will come on him in the most intense manner from opposition think tanks.

Planning that will be made easier to neutralise him with his 'Robin' taken out of the picture

Ultimately a rise from the incumbent players already in the Team could alleviate this huge issue, but do you have any faith in the likes of Ed Cowan, Dave Warner, Phil Hughes or Husseys replacement?

A replacement that will be chosen in a time with Australia's batting depth resembling Old Mothers Cupboard- as bare as bare can be.......

Then worse, this impending decision will now be skewed and impacted on immensely by what Hussey has deprived the team of in terms of his experience and unspoken leadership. This factor huge on top of Ricky Ponting's previous departure with Team Coach Mickey Arthurs stating 
 "the (selection) ground rules have changed" 

Meaning a viable youngster like Usman Khawaja will be overlooked for a Veteran to fill the breach Husseys retirement has left. Also in a desperate attempt to add a few wise heads to Australia's next touring party that will be its most inexperienced line up in near on 30 years.

Sadly there is no viable candidates at present or more appropriately deserving candidates to fill this need with there being calls for either George Bailey of Dave Hussey to be selected for India. Both names are born out of desperation and should have an absurdity attached to them with Bailey struggling in 2012 averaging just 28.16 and Hussey
 scoring just 120 runs at an average of 17.14 in 2012
Maybe Bobby Simpson at 76 should be brought back for his third tour of duty in the Baggy Green

I have my head in hands contemplating whether Simpson would actually bat better than out current top 4 as well.........


  1. If CA wants a stop gap and is desperate enough about having an experienced hand at that all that they have to do is pocket their pride and recall Simon Katich who was unceremoniously thrown out. But if rumors about dressing room dissonance are to be believed Pup may not be too keen on such a recall. However like Alastair Cook did in the case of recalling KP despite the earlier spat, Australia wd do well to recall Simon. The other alternative is to go Afridi style - get Mike Hussey to withdraw his retirement announcement and play till the end of teh back to back Ashes series.

  2. From what he has said, he just doesn't want to be away from his family for such extended periods any more. Surely his commitment to his family must over-ride the commitment to the Aussie cricket team? He's given plenty to them, it's not his fault that the younger batsmen are a bit crap at present.

  3. Michael Hussey was an excellent cricketer and I admired him and I still admire him a lot, it was sad to see him go, but he gave us a lot of happiness in the field