Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sri Lanka Becomes India's Cricketing Prostitute

Condemnation was the inevitable reaction from the Cricketing World as Sri Lanka's chose to approach South Africa about having next years 3 Test series rescheduled until mid 2014 or indeed later.

As a neutral observer with a keen interest in Sri Lankan Cricket we have for years heard pleas from them about them being afforded more respect for their Cricketing abilities by having more high profile Test series scheduled. Only to make the choice to cancel a series that would have not only had the fans of the Teams captivated, but the standard of play would have compelled others around the Globe to tune in

It made about as much sense as calling Ex Wives for a heart to heart conversation at 3am in the morning when you're blind drunk!

In the wake of this, most just branded Sri Lanka as being morally bankrupt when it comes to the embrace of the traditional forms of the game

But one should never judge a book by its cover and as you dug deeper it became apparent that money was the root of all these evils and Sri Lankan was crippled beyond redemption

US $32.5 million is the financial abyss that they have fallen into which has been mainly been attributed to the cost of improvements made to the existing 3 stadiums in the lead up to the 2011 ODI World Cup. As well as the building of the new Pallekele Stadium. The money spent on these Stadium was seen to be an investment, but sadly have served to only be a burden with the debts not being serviced and thus represent a choker chain around the Boards neck.

Tragically leading to this decision that will strip the respect Sri Lanka has on the World scene, and then worse the inevitability of a further choice that will smite the characteristic smiles off all the faces of the locals

Complete Prostitution to India...........

Melodramatic as that line might seem it is indeed the reality with the only way for Sri Lanka to get out of this financial hole is to tap into the Cricket hungry Indian masses through the Television rights that they are so eager to pay big bucks for.

If you want proof take this into account

Ten Sports offer to Sri Lanka in the period of 2009-13 is US $65 million, whereas the Sri Lankan Board can garner an estimated  US $10 million from a ODI Series with India on top of this.

So it makes sense to 'whore' yourself to India doesn't it?

Especially with the guaranteed Cash Cow that they are compared to the virtual pittance offered to see other Teams play.

Well on one hand yes for you can see this course of action being the best way to dig themselves out of the financial mire. Especially with the Government ruling out an approach to void the Boards debts.

Cynically in the face of this potential windfall a cure for all the present ills. Can you really trust the extra money to be properly spent?

Rather than the many hands of the corrupt entities that are so apparent raiding the 'cookie jar'.

Away from the financial side of things this inevitable path will not only alienate Sri Lanka's legion of fans who are sick to the back teeth of having to see yet another ODI series with India. But also on the field it will stagnate the growth of the Team that would have been so facilitated by games against Teams of might like South Africa.

Sad times to be a Sri Lankan fan!

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  1. send this article to sri lanka cricket media and to some english news papers in sri lanka. its quiet sad to see ourbeautiful game being destroyed by a corrupt board.