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Player Ratings, India versus England, 2nd Test, Mumbai

The silence was deafening from the Indian masses as the English romped to a series tying 10 wicket win in a Mumbai cauldron. That not only took away Indian hopes of a brutal whitewash to avenge a similar humiliation felt on English soil in 2011, but adding to their duress was the realisation that they are in for one Hell of a battle to win or even save this series.

Truly compelling Cricket, full of jaw dropping individual brilliance made possible by the fabulous Mumbai Pitch.


After winning the 1st Test in a match that highlighted the English batsmen's foibles against spin. The Indians added a third spinner in the hope of further victimising that weakness only to have that decision fail miserably with their Bowling Unit looking dysfunctional for most of the match with the exception of Pragyan Ojha. Culminating their woes was the fragility within their batting being ruthlessly exposed by the excellent English spinners with their 4-7 batsmen contributing only 85 runs for the match. Highlighting a major issue in the Team with too many not pulling their weight.

Player Ratings
Virender Sehwag:

Viru was a match winner in the first Test on a pitch that was tailor-made for him, but was a bit like a cat on a hot tin roof on this deck that had the added spice of bounce to go with the turn. The pitch demanded patience and discretion in shot making which Sehwag knows little of making him a virtual non event in this match.
Away from his batting, his nonchalant attitude in the field stood out like dogs balls with his lack of attention to details in the slips adding to the spinners frustration

Rating- 3/10
Exposed in this game with bot bat in hand and in the field

Gautam Gambhir

Got a bad decision in the 1st innings and then was the only Indian batsmen in the 2nd innings that looked competent in the face of the spin onslaught. The skill he displayed in the face of the searing furnace was inspiring and made us reminisce on the days when Gambhir was viewed as the best opener in the game.

The only thing that diminished the praise for this innings was the fact that he looked to put his need to post a score to avoid the axe ahead of the needs of the Team

Rating 4/10

The Indians will see his performances with the bat in the second innings as one of the few things to take from this match

Cheteshwar Pujara 

Excellent performance in the 1st innings by this young tyro that would have had Rahul Dravid ringing his Solicitor wanting to sue- citing plagiarism. He just has such composure, temperament, skill and wisdom that has us all in awe of him. He got caught in the tidal wave that swept away the Indian batting in the 2nd innings, but after averaging 194 in his 4 innings he can be forgiven for this 

Simply by the relief that now we know he is a mortal being

Rating: 7/10

Fabulous young player

Sachin Tendulkar 

Put India first and Retire Sachin!

With you now becoming a burden to the Team after it lost this Test and looking like they will struggle to avoid defeat in the series

Rating: 0/10
Sad watching a Legend soil his legacy like this

Virat Kohli

A fabulous talent, but he seems to struggle with the temperament needed in Test Cricket. Both his dismissals in this match were due to his mental lapses and were so very soft. I am sure he will turn it around as he matures but India needs his decisive contributions right now.

Rating: 3/10 

At present a boy in a mans game

Yuvraj Singh

A tried and true failure in Test Cricket that looked good picking the bones out of the carrion on the first Test road, but was exposed as a Test batsmans bootlace in the heat of this battle on a Test standard Pitch.

Rating: 1/10

Needs to go with players like Manoj Tiwary, Ajinkya Rahane and the like given a chance


I must laud Dhoni's consistency with him being inept in most Tests I see him in.
His batting is very average, his keeping so so, and then his 'Captaincy' is about as amateurish as it gets

In my mind, if the series gets tight it is Dhoni with his negativity mindset in his Captaincy that could swing the series in England's favour

Rating: 0/10

An anchor around Team India's neck

Ravichandran Ashwin

Played a decisive innings with the bat in India's first innings, but in his main role with the ball he struggled mightily.

His match figures of 167/2 on a spin friendly pitch highlights this fact

Which more than anything showed up his lack of experience with him struggling to deal with batsmen in attacking mindsets. His lines and lengths lacked consistency and penetration with the English playing him with relative ease

Rating: 4/10

Very disappointing

Harbhajan Singh

I cannot understand why they selected Bhahji, and he did little to justify his position in the Team with his bowling. He lacked the courage to put a real tweek on the ball with him placing his deliveries for most of the match rather than ripping them.

Rating: 3/10

Time to give the youngsters a go

Zaheer Khan

Typically wily and skilled, but had to take a back seat for the spinners bowling only 15 overs for the Match

Rating: 6/10

Always gives his all for India

Pragyan Ojha

Brilliant young bowler that carried the Indian attack

Rating: 8/10 

Potentially a great bowler

Looking Ahead 

On the evidence of this match the Indians have issues

Umesh Yadav's return will alleviate their bowling woes, but there must be a growing concern over Ravichandran Ashwin's performances so far.

The batting is an accident waiting to happen with both Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh need to go from it. But you know that India will never have the balls to make such a decision meaning the batting will remain a huge concern.


The English were brilliant in their play and in their minds. After taking a blow before a ball was bowled in the match by losing the toss they just brushed it off and fought with such determination and skill until they prevailed. Their batting was finally positive with them showing the courage to use their feet to the spinners in between pinching singles here and there. The cherry on top of the cake was the dominance of the spin duo that ripped the Indian batting to shreds.

Player Ratings

Alastair Cook

Cook was the one that set the trend for the batting with him plotting a very discernible change in the Teams approach with him attacking the Indian spinners by hitting them over the top. His first innings century was of the highest calibre that is not truly represented by my words.

Rating: 10/10


Nick Compton

I do not think he is Test class, but he played a role in supporting Cook in a crucial opening stand of 66 in the 1st innings and then helped rub the Indian faces in the turf by smacking the bowlers around to conclude the 10 wicket win.

Rating: 5/10 
Did not excel, but played his role

Jonathan Trott 

Cricket has always been a great evener and after Trott dominated on the Western pitches he has been exposed in Asia against spin. He seems determined to play off the back foot and with his inability to read the deliveries that choice is akin to playing leap frog with a unicorn.

He is such a determined fellow Trott meaning he will do his darndest to turn things atound

Rating: 2/10

Found out again

Kevin Pietersen 

What can you say about KP's 186?

It was an innings that was of the highest calibre coated with freaking skill and some of the most outlandish shots you will ever see.

A reverse sweep to reach his 100................

Get it out on Video for it is almost Sexual

Rating: 11/10


Johnny Bairstow 

There is every chance that Bairstow is only keeping Ian Bell's seat warm, but you have to love the lads determination. He was unfairly dismissed too with the catch taken to get ride of him brushing the helmet of the fields man that voids the dismissal.

Rating 4/10:

Fine young player that will have a good career, but a bit at 6's and 7's in these conditions

Samit Patel

Interesting player that is touted to be a decent player of spin and at times looked ok in his innings here. He has very decent footwork for a man of his size and has beautiful timing.

Rating: 5/10

I just have a feeling Patel will make a decisive contribution somewhere in this series

Matt Prior

A bit iffy behind the stumps at times, but looked very assured in his batting until he ran himself out. Which at the time of the match it happened could have had a decisive effect on the match with it arguably taking between 50-100 runs off England's potential 1st innings total

Rating: 6/10 

Was looking great, but then ran himself out that could have been crucial

Stuart Broad

Huge disappointment that should be dropped

Rating: 0/10 

Looks like a Barbie Doll and bowled like one

Graeme Swann 

Played the support second spinner role to Monty Panesar perfectly with him picking up impressive match figures of 113/8

Rating: 8/10


James Anderson

Had little to do with the spinners taking most of the overs so just worked on his tan

Rating: 5/10

Pretty much a non entity with the spin factor in the match

Monty Panesar

Amazing display from Monty with his relentless line and length coupled with his Cobra like biting spin ripping all the Indians new corn shoots

Rating: 11/10

Real Genius from the beloved Monty

Looking Forward 

I really believe England hold the ascendancy in this series now with them likely to go on to win the series by the fake that some of their Giants are awakening with many more to follow suit.

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