Friday, November 9, 2012

Dumb Australia gets Schooled By Traditional South Africa

Watching the first day of the much anticipated Australia versus South Africa Test series it made me reminisce on my near 40 years of Teaching. With it being like two children sitting a major Test with the results dependant on how they have dissected the lessons in the lead up and the content that they were faced with in the exam.

Defying Political Correctness, Australia take the Dunce cap and go sit in the corner and write me 500 lines using the word 'whitewashed'!........

Inspiring this reaction was how gullible in both the lead up to this first day and their actions on the first day

The lead up was in the ignorance over what the injured Shane Watson's real importance to the Team was. Seemingly buying into the hysteria over his batting mastery in pyjama cricket and deluding themselves that his batting had the same meaning in Test Cricket without fully appreciating the immense meaning of his bowling. Which to be frank is everything to this Team in the balance he brings

Scoff at this if you like, but after you do digest this bitter pill!

Without him in the bowling unit it robs the team of its best old ball bowler, but not just one that has a real defensive calibre but also a real threat with his mastery of reverse swing. The Team perspective is profound with him assuming the stock bowling role that Nathan Lyon is not up to and Peter Siddle is adverse too. Take him out of the Team, it means that Michael Clarke cannot hide Lyon in the guise of a situational bowler to be brought on when there is a chance he might nick out a wicket and the Team feel no damage.

He has to assume the role of a front liner.....

Meaning the Team was reduced to 2.5 bowlers with Lyon being exposed as a impostor in Test Cricket. Then the domino effect of this was the quicks being expected to carry a burden that will only lead to victimisation from the South African batsmen.

Selectors should have understood this scenario. Entrusting Lyon with the drinks duties then picked Mitchell Starc and told Michael Clarke to practice his tweekers in the lead up.

Then the play itself where the bowlers seemed to get caught up in the publicity they gained from beating up on minnows and forgot they were bowling to South Africa

Ignorant to the lessons shown by South Africa in England where their traditional adherence to old style batting sent an excellent English bowling unit to the far side of crazy in bowling friendly confines.

No gifts from these batsmen Australia meaning you had to adjust your lines and lengths to fuller and try to hit the off from anywhere from 3 quarters of the way up. Instead they bowled a foot outside of off in the belief that the likes of Smith/Kallis and Amla attended the Adrian Barath school of temperament and technique where at any second a ill advised waft would gift wrap a wicket.


Made worse by a day where no pressure could be built by the Australian bowlers when Michael Clarke's tactics must have made the South African batsmen feel as though they were lying on a sun drenched beach surrounded by babes running around them in skimpy bikinis...

With him pushing the fields back, he expected that it would inspire attack and demise through batting indiscretion like would be the case with most other Teams...

But as their ranking of 1 indicates, these South Africans are a step ahead of the rest

With them having the wisdom of understanding context

That tells Australia's strength is seen in its bowling for which they have reduced to being impotent today with the promise of ruthless victimisation and obliteration tomorrow....

Doesn't augur well for the Aussie batting seen as a huge weakness.....does it?

Day 1 Stumps: 

South Africa 255/2 ( Kallis 84*, Amla 90* )

Smith 10

Petersen 64

Pattinson 53/1

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