Monday, November 12, 2012

A Disgraceful GABBA Pitch That Should Be Sanctioned

Ominously in the lead up to this first Test, both the Teams bowling attacks were lauded with South Africa's bowling Coach Allan Donald going so far to label this current attack under his tenure as the best the nation has produced....

Lovely build up with the GABBA curator Kevin Mitchell jnr adding to the theatre for fans to lap up by talking up the GABBA pitch.

"I think it'll probably be similar to last year's wicket, [but] not as much sideways movement [due to] a little bit of interrupted weather last year leading up.
"It's going to be fast, good bounce and carry and wears on as the game goes on." 

This assessment in combination of Media leaks about how the pitch was going to be spicy and green made us treat these words with trepidation and indeed cynicism for we have heard similar beat ups on endless occasions. That catches your interest and tantalises you, compelling you to want to sample the product on offer that has the promise of searing pace wars with batsmen made to jump and be dismantled. 

Steyn& Co versus the preciously talented Pattinson and his cohorts has a cathartic appeal doesn't it?

Especially when the batsmen choose to eye ball its fury with them flipping the bird at it and steeling themselves to fight and fight and fight some more until their combination of skill, guts and technique sees them prevail

Anyone still get tingles watching Michael Clarke's 151 in Capetown on a St Patricks Day like pitch last year?

Drool, drool and drool some more and then before you get to regain composure from your Homer Simpson like prose you are introduced to reality

the pitch as flat as a catwalk model’s chest. ( Tristan Lavalette )

Which not only robs you of the promise that made you dream at night, but then flicks sparks on your embers of condemnation about what is killing Test cricket. Pitches that are beds for batsmen to lie in and kill off what has always been the real theatre of Test Cricket in respect to the cut and thrust between bat and ball with only the truly skilled prevailing

Seeing a total furphy where after losing their top 3 early, which in the current age is as sure as taxes in any cricketing forum. Australia recorded 447/1 on a 4th day pitch with the only wicket not coming from bowler skill, but a feeling of Fate taking pity on the bowlers. It would have actually been more runs if not for a relatively slow outfield meaning you could have seen over 400 runs scored on a 4th day pitch!

How often do you see that?

The more pressing point to this is in fact should we see this in a stage of a Test game where wear and tear should have scarred the pitch and it start to play tricks.

Logically and irrevocably the answer is no with the pitch being a complete insult to what Test Cricket should be...

Which should not only be greeted by my words of condemnation, but indeed action from the International Cricket Council ( ICC ) with these types of pitches being a true scourge to the sanctity of the purest style of the game. 

Kevin Mitchell jnr and his cohorts in this shame will throw out the proud legacy of the GABBA, and the effect of weather on preparation. But the truth of the matter is that it is now 2 out of 3 years we have been made to endure these types of pitches. A similar one in the Ashes seeing 500 plus for 1 being scored on the last two days and it simply is not good enough!

Sadly, the ICC will inevitably choose to turn a blind eye to this for they might talk the talk in regards to Test Cricket, but never walk the walk. In regards to pitches they seem to be led by a wouldn't know if their bums were on fire knowledge of what a Test pitch should be. Indelibly seen in the outrage over the Galle pitch in 2011 that saw sanctions and fines applied to what was an old style traditional Asian pitch. Condemned further by the fact that it provided a canvas for a fabulous match full of individual efforts that will inspire stories for Granddads to tell to Grand kids.

Why cannot they target these types of 'Road' pitches that are so killing the Test game with massive fines and the promise of sanctions?

Sigh........too busy counting their piles of T20 riches to really care....?????


  1. Here, Here.
    A dreadful wicket not too disimilar to the Ashes wicket.
    What's more I have been aghast at the crowd numbers, why aren't people coming. Sunday's was one of the worst I have ever seen for such a high profile test.
    Perhaps its time to take test cricket away from Brisbane full stop and leave them to their beloved NRL?

    Also what is a "st patricks day wicket"?

    1. 'St Patricks Day Wicket' reference to green my friend

      And yes, these pitches rile me for they are the reason Test Cricket is under threat. And what angers me more is the ICC's ambivalence and ignorance to it. They do not realise that if you get the pitch right you will get Test Cricket right

      2 out of 3 years now Roads in Brisneyland- Kev Mitchell needs to be eyeballed and told to get it right or fuck off to his Bribie Island home that he talks of so frequently, and put up his feet in retirement