Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome Back Yuvraj Singh!

5 years to the day when the majestic power of Yuvraj Singh was there for all to see sending all of us into stunned awe over his brutal grace....Truly irresistible with his already legions of fans multiplying into milling hordes hanging out to be tantalised once more by everything that is Yuvraj Singh

Which in most eyes is one of the most exciting batsmen in the game

The sands of time that have represented the 5 years since has been a true roller coaster for the King of Cavallier. From the heights of the 2011 World Cup win where he starred with both bat and ball culminating in the player of the Tournament to him constantly struggling to gain the universal acclaim which establishing himself as a real factor in Test Cricket would have achieved.

Poof...... then Fate strikes the cruellest blow that would render irrelevant any glory or pain he had felt in his Cricket career

In the form of Cancer

The sincerest form of tragedy that knee buckles so many in all communities but really hits home when a man like Yuvraj is afflicted by it

For men like him viewed as virtual Supermen should never be cut down in their prime and duly billions of hearts broke with his diagnosis.

What transpired next can only serve to give one Chicken Skin through his inspiration

Where he quite literally took it on the chin and decided to dig in

Thumbs up as he went through all the debilitating treatment to rid him of the disease, and then hitting the ailment for 6 as though he was back in his Royal Court wafting 6's into the crowd
As all breathed in a collective sigh of relief as he was cured of the ailment it was greeted with a shock inclusion in the Indian T20 Team for the World Cup

Making you stand and applaud for so many reasons, but then worry if he is able to face such a challenge so close after being brought to his knees.

But as this game against Afghanistan being the first in front of an International audience you cannot help but buy into a fairytale feel of it.

With Yuvraj being that game changing X Factor that was so behind the Indian surge to World Cup glory in 2011 with his all round genius. 

And that same Yuvraj could be the same fuel in Indian jets in this one.

A sequel to his 6 6's in an over to commemorate that effort 5 years ago would be nice.................

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