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My Top 10 Bowlers for the T20 World Cup

Inevitably the focus in the lead up to this T20 World Cup has been on the constellation of hitters with them being seen as putting the 'sexy' in the sexy form of the game. Which is understandably for the fans love seeing the ball flying all over humanity, but amongst this hysteria it takes away from the real money men of the T20 game in regards to the bowlers

So who are these unsung heroes that extinguish all the batting flames?????

I must admit the biggest difficulty in rating the names is balancing what skill you value the most in regards to the battle between an astute run scoring bowler versus a pure strike bowler

Well here is my top 10 with a few that might shock and surprise

1. Lasith Malinga

The 'Slinga Malinga' is the almost perfect T20 bowler with him being able to be a strike bowler in the crucial start of the game, and then be a real difference maker in his second spell. Whether it be stifling the oppositions surge with wickets or facilitating wickets by drying up the scoring rate.

Has one of the most lethal yorkers in the game and his liquorice all sorts of slower balls is of the highest calibre too

2, Saeed Ajmal

The spinning version of Malinga in regards to he is both a lethal strike bowler and then as miserly as it gets. His accuracy is laser like and then his variety of deliveries are devastating.

In truth his 'Doosra; is arguably the most lethal delivery in the game

Just ask the Psychiatrists who are treating the poor English batsmen in its aftermath...

3, Sunil Narine ( West Indies )

The International Cricket Council Young Player of the Year has been devastating from ball one in his career.

In T20, he is like a duck to water with his accuracy being unnerving and his turn being at times viscous. He has real bowling smarts too with his guile outwitting most batsmen in this Age who have no clue about playing against a traditional spinner like Narine.

He has wrecked all types of batting line ups so far in his brief tenure in the game and expect him to be similar in this Tournament

4, Dale Steyn ( South Africa )

It seems Sacrilegious in a cricketing sense to have a best bowling list and have a man that could end his career as the best bowler ever ranked at 4....

But forgive me My Lord for what I have done

Away from my blasphemy, expect the 'Steyn Remover' to be a wrecking ball at this World Cup

5, Ravichandran Ashwin ( India )

I love Ashwin as a bowler for he has 'real mans balls'

Defining that Aussie slang, it means that when he is confronted with a conflict this very wily offie takes a step forward and eye balls it rather than backing down from it

He is so relentless in the pressure he applies on batsmen with his blow torch being his accuracy...

Then his knock out punch is his delightfully concealed carrom ball

Love the guy!

6, Umar Gul ( Pakistan )

Without doubt the most under rated bowler in the game

In any style of the game he would be in my top 5 in testimony of his consistent excellence.

Plus the fact that after both Mohammad Asif/Amir were suspended he had to carry the Pakistan attack as its spearhead. And he has not only done that, but done it in a very accomplished manner

Expect the same here from him, and look for a few highlight reels to include stumps flying everywhere because of his lethal yorker

George Dockrell ( Ireland )
Maybe a bit of bias coming in here with me ranking Dockrell so highly.

Especially when most will point to his record, which is exceptional and dismiss it by the fact that he has played for the most against Associate Teams

That has merit, but so does his flawless action that can drop a ball on a pen dot on the pitch combined with his subtle variations in deliveries and pace

Fabulous talent that will put his name up in lights at this Tournament

8, Pat Cummins/ Mitchell Starc ( Australia )
 I have been a bit cheeky in lumping these two together for my 8th spot

But my rational is that they will be like a tag Team as the opening bowlers for Australia and both with their searing pace and skill with the ball will more than likely rattle quite a few cages

Lucky for a few of the batsmen that these games will be on deader than dead pitches for these two are seriously quick with seam and swing to make them deadly

9, Shakib Al Hasan ( Bangladesh ) 
A fabulous player, and often victimised in the respect he gets for his immense skill because he plays for a virtual minnow in Bangladesh

But this left arm spinner is one tricky proposition with him having unyielding accuracy mixed with real guile

He will be a star with the ball here as he is everywhere 

10, Ajantha Mendis ( Sri Lanka )
One of the best T20 bowlers going around but strangely might not even get into the Sri Lankan Team

Which I think is bizarre!

For though people view him as a mystery that has been solved I think that is a fallacy and against Teams from the West that are not as adept at playing even traditional styles of spinners

Mendis's unorthodox incarnate would be like a hot knife through their buttery batting line ups

My Rising Star

Raza Hasan ( Pakistan )

It was interesting watching the Pakistan versus India practice match and note the Pakistani selections. Most notably the non selection of this brilliant young left arm spinner

Obviously an ace that they want to keep up their sleeve for the Tournament


And believe me, this youngster will be an instant hit!

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