Friday, September 14, 2012

My Top 10 Batsmen in the T20 World Cup

Trying to rate the top 10 batsmen in the up coming T20 World Cup is about as easy as picking a broken nose!

I must admit, I am insane to even try with my final list guaranteed to offend more than it pleases.

But here goes!

1, Chris Gayle ( West Indies )

The thing that separates Gayle from the rest is the fear factor he instills in the hearts of all oppositions

Making him  the icon of T20 with few being able to even dream of matching his sheer power. Then his package is completed by the audacity of his stroke play and when he is at his very top he devastates more with his sublime timing rather than his brute strength.

He scores over 50 once in every 3 innings he plays, and when you take into account that he goes at 143.91 runs per hundred balls

There can be no doubt that the man known as the 'Gayle Storm' is the best

2. Mahela Jayawardene ( Sri Lanka )
A batsman of supreme class as his exceptional Test record indicates and he again shows his pedigree in T20 with how consistent he is

In a sense, he is money in the bank with him arguably being the most difficult batsman to get out in this game. With him just adapting his traditional high calibre game that makes us drool in Tests to this game

The brilliance of his stroke play allows him not only to play every stroke in the book. but then be a batsman that cashes in on his shots to the hilt with the standard of his placement. He can dissect any field with his genius

This allows him to be such a dominant force in this game and then when you add his ability to be a very adept big hitter when the situation dictates

He truly is elite

3, Virat Kohli ( India )
I must admit I was tempted to have Kohli at number one in my rankings for few have his presence in the shorter form of the game.

The sheer class and audacity of his stroke play is a sight to behold with him having all the gears in the book including over drive where you see balls disappearing into the stand with the greatest of ease

His Ice coolness in a crisis makes him almost perfect for this style of the game with him making Everest type chases look like jumping over ant hills

I have a feeling come Tournaments end that he will be number 1

4, Shane Watson ( Australia )
The Australian Vice Captain is one of the few in World Cricket that has that type of fear that Chris Gayle can inspire

You have seen that in the ODI arena where some of his innings have been sheer devastation at its most sincere. With him hitting 6's as if he was taking candy from a baby

The thing that goes against Watson, but then goes for him as well is the fact that he always gets himself out when he is fully set

Which makes you question his concentration, but then also makes you think if he has a Tournament when he is 100% focussed.

He could be the epitome of a wrecking ball!

5, Eoin Morgan ( England )
The master of unorthodox and the genius at playing the late sweep.

Which on the Sub Continent in a Tournament where most Teams are enamoured with the value of spinners could make him a very dangerous proposition

Do not under estimate his power either for the Irish lad can hit the ball many a mile

6 Brendon McCullum ( New Zealand )
Dangerous player with him excelling in the shorter forms of the game where conditions are tailor made for batsmen

His combination of hard hitting stroke play with effortless 6 hitting makes him a real nightmare to contend with

7, M S Dhoni ( India )
Most would have questioned my decision to overlook Suresh Raina in favour of the Indian Captain.

But my rationale is simple with Dhoni being proven as an ice man in any situations.

Then thing of Dhoni and what he brings as a batsman in this style of the game

One of the best runners between wickets, one of the biggest hitters there is and in the best at commandeering a successful run chase.

Often from impossible situations

8, Mike Hussey ( Australia )
Hussey is the Aussie version of Dhoni with him being that ice man in any situation.

Also having the same gear shifts with him being able to play better at a run a ball relying on his brilliant running between the wickets and high class stroke play. Then being able to go into over drive with his 6 hitting

Which is arguably the most under rated in the game

9, Kieron Pollard ( West Indies )
In the T20 game, cameo innings are almost as decisive as long innings.

Pollard is at the very top echelon of those types of players with his brutal power making him a 6 hitting machine.

But what take him about the other sloggers is his ability to be able to play a more refined innings if he is ever faced with having to rebuild an innings after early wickets

10, Abdul Razzaq ( Pakistan )
Most Pakistani's will be in uproar about me leaving out BOOM BOOM Afridi, but his batting has deserted him of late

Many will question me having Razzaq in this list mostly for the names I have overlooked.

But i just have this feeling that this master of batting massacre with the ice in his veins will turn up at the Tournament with his batting

If he does....................spectators will need helmets!

Tomorrow- My Top 10 Bowlers in the T20 World Cup

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  1. Your list is close enough to mine.. i will bring in Boom Boom or Umar in place of Razzak and Dilshan in place of your no 2 Jayawardene..

    and i just started thinking.. Bravo is one who could be pulled up somewhere in that..

    How about Yuvraj.. still good enough to belt those sixes.. :)