Saturday, September 29, 2012

India versus Pakistan- the game we Have all Been waiting For!

Whatever has been known about these Teams so far in this Tournament becomes unknown in this match with the sheer tension that historically exists between the two inspiring heroes to be born as well as stripping lofty reputations bare. The pressure will be all on India who need a win or their dreams of glory end, whereas a win here will propel Pakistan into a place in the Semi Final.

So expect an edge of your seat experience where the pressure will be at boiling point in every single play!

The Lead Up/ Likely Team


The dropping of the beloved Virender Sehwag for the game against Australia caused India wide outrage.

Mainly because Sehwag is worshipped in India, and Indians and their worship for heroes never allows rationale thought into the equation. The truth of the matter was that it was a brave and warranted decision by Skipper M.S.Dhoni on the back of Sehwag's struggles in the T20 arena of late and the desperate need for the teams bowling to be propped up.

Sadly for Dhoni, the decision was irrelevant with their masterful batting having their pants pulled down by the Aussies as well as the re-jigged bowling getting belted all over humanity.

Needless to say Team India has a few Selection quandaries.

in the face of this and the power of public pressure you can see Sehwag being reinserted back at the top.

Which would be a reactionary and knee jerk reaction to the Teams ills with a choice being made to bury heads in sands and hope rather than try to find a remedy.

If it was me I would remove Irfan Pathan away from the opening spot and back to 7, and then have M.S.Dhoni open. Which would provide an attacking flair to compliment Gautam Gambhirs resoluteness as well as having arguably the games greatest Ice Man in Dhoni there from ball one of what will be a cauldron setting.

In what would be an inspiring bit of leadership for his Team mates to follow.

This would be my Team

Dhoni, Gambhir, Kohli, Yuvraj, Sharma, Raina, Ashwin, Irfan, Harbhajan, Chawla, Balaji


Confidence is sky-high in the Pakistani camp with them coming off a truly miraculous win against South Africa in the first game of the Super 8's. 

in my mind this Lazarus like performance represented two sides of a coin for the team. With them showing real resilience to comeback from the dead to rites positions they were in, but then within the Match a few real potential weaknesses were exposed in the line up that could be crucial going forward.

Starting with the keystone capers of Kamran Akmal behind the stumps who is an accident waiting to happen for the team. There is no way he will be dropped for his batting that can on occasion be lethal is crucial to the Team, but my word you need nerve tablets when you watch him 'keep'

Secondly, the batting descended into real Hari Kari against South Africa with the shot making being appalling and so giving in soft dismissals. Crucially for Pakistan with their batting have a fragility about it they cant afford this lapse temperament.

Shahid Afridi represents a concern for the team with Afridi's batting deserting him and his bowling lacking its usual cutting edge. His batting is crucial to add some late order big hitting vigour to the line up

A game against arch rivals India for a Narcissist like Afridi might be the inspiration he needs for a return to BOOM BOOM!

Meaning the team will be as follows:

Hafeez, Nazir, Jamshed, Kamran, Shoaib, U Akmal, Afridi, Gul, Yasir, Ajmal, Raza Hasan,

The keys To Winning


There is little doubt that India is a one dimensional Team with their batting being peerless, but their bowling average to be kind.

Meaning the best chance for India to win outside of their bowlers finding mastery over night is for their batting to carry them. The key in this will be winning the toss and posting a challenging total. In India's favour is the make up of the Pakistani attack, which has seen them become very dependant on their spinners to lead them with the lack of form of their seamers.

Which is a God sent to Indian batsmen who thrive on spin.

If they can post that challenging total of say 180+, it gives them their best chance to win with the scoreboard support it gives their bowlers with the pressure that will come on the Pakistani batsmen

In this situation, the chances of the Pakistani batsmen imploding, who bar a few lack real temperament is a real chance. Especially if some of the names in the Indian bowling line up lift that have had lofty reputations in the past but been pure toiletry here so far


Firstly, Pakistan needs 'Good Kamran' to be behind the stumps for if they get 'Bad Kamran' all Hell could break loose with him undermining all of the Teams strength in their attack.

Away from Kamran, the Team needs a lift in this game from their revered strike bowler Umar Gul, who has been very average in the tournament so far averaging 50.5 with an economy rate of 11.22.

He will be crucial in this match with his ability to get early wickets and allow the Pakistani spinners to bowl with the game in their favour. If he struggles to get early wickets with the Indian batsmen mastery against spin a big total could be racked up.,

Lastly, the batting needs to bat more responsibly from the incompetent display we saw against South Africa. They know they face a opposition with a fragile attack and cannot prop up India by playing retarded get out shots


Anything can happen in these matches, but hands up anyone who even has a mad mans faith in India's bowling?????

I certainly do not

Meaning Pakistan will win

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