Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Game Of T20 World Cup 'Who Am I'??????

Clue 1

The Picture on this article is the first Clue with my hands being the key to my Teams chances


In regards to his hands being key to his Teams chances it is because he is a wicket keeper

Clue 2,

My Team is one of the favourites for the Title with me being one of its keys.

This is because I represent one of the most dangerous batsmen in the shorter form of the game.

Which is indeed my Teams greatest flaw, and if I perform to my potential I could take away this weakness


Kamran when he fires is one of the best batsmen in T20/Odis

Clue 3,

As well as being a huge factor that could help my Team win the Cup

I could be also be the major reason as to why it fails

With my Teams greatest strength being its lethal spin arsenal for which I could indeed make better, but then I could also leave it in ruins


If he keeps well, he could make better, but if he reverts to butter fingers Kamran behind the stumps. He could destroy the spin attack


  1. Third clue wasn't really a clue on the contrary it was opposite of clue :D

    1. yes it was tricky. But it was true for he could ruin the spin attack if he is dreadful behind the stumps

  2. sneaky Tim Holt - do another one!

  3. The first one cd apply to McCullum and Dhoni
    The 2nd clue cd apply to Chris Gayle if the red herring of Kamran Akmal is removed
    The last one is a complete give away. Clues are supposed to give hints and not reveal (or drop?) everything!

    That said nice diversion regarding a mad bashball orgy.