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Player Ratings- England versus South Africa Test Series

Fortress England that was thought to be impregnable was fractured and smashed into oblivion by a very professional and accomplished South African Team. Which saw them win the 3 Test series easily 2 nil,  and with it achieve the number 1 ranking in Test cricket

So lets relive the action and identify the heroes and villains from both Teams


Series Averages

England batting averages
JM Bairstow1201499574.5024361.31020210
KP Pietersen24021914954.7531170.41100321
GP Swann2421004150.0011686.20000132
MJ Prior3602757345.8345860.04030350
IJL Trott3612177143.4049244.10020280
AN Cook36019511532.5048440.28101192
IR Bell3611445828.8053327.01020151
TT Bresnan2313720*18.5014325.8700030
AJ Strauss3601073717.8326939.77001130
JWA Taylor230483416.0015231.5700060
SCJ Broad350703714.0010566.6600161
RS Bopara120222211.006136.0600130
JM Anderson35130127.507440.5400030
ST Finn23110105.003528.5700110

England bowling averages
KP Pietersen2319.019143/524/7822.754.7828.50000
ST Finn2491.012322104/748/14932.203.5354.60000
SCJ Broad35130.424437115/698/16539.723.3471.21000
JM Anderson35147.43336693/765/14940.662.4798.40010
GP Swann23123.23030842/634/15777.002.49185.00010
TT Bresnan2373.0827821/981/138139.003.80219.00010
IJL Trott3419.02460---2.42-0000
RS Bopara1118.01780---4.33-0000
JM Bairstow1------------10
IR Bell3------------10
AN Cook3------------60
MJ Prior3------------83
AJ Strauss3------------10
JWA Taylor2------------2

England- Player Ratings

Andrew Strauss ( C )

After looking like he finally put his 2 years of batting struggles behind him with the bat against the West Indies. Sadly for the beloved English Captain his series average of 17.83 with just 107 runs told his tale. Then he acted as a dual anchor on the Teams prospects with his ultra negative and it must be said very curious tactics in the field.

The KP fiasco can be used to explain some of the struggles he experienced with the pressure it brought on him, but it seems England would be best served moving Strauss on

Rating 3/10
- Not up to it will the bat, and a Captain that is great in the people management side of the role, but appalling in regards to tactics

It would be shameful for a man of Strauss's respect to be sacked/dropped, but it would be wise for him to think long and hard about his future.

For now that the Team is losing he can be no longer carried

Alastair Cook

The lauded opener looked at his combative best with 115 in the 1st Test, but then proved it was fools gold by only scoring 80 runs in his next 5 innings. Which neutralised the strength of England's top 3, and a main reason why South Africa won the series

The struggles of Cook in 2012 where he has just averaged 36.15 with one century against more accomplished bowling units in Pakistan and South Africa makes you wonder if his exceptional efforts in 2011 were merely a case of preying on the weak.

Rating 4/10

Pretty disappointing series considering his start, and it seemed in the face of the pace and fury of the South African bowling class he was exposed as merely a good average player. Rather than the all time great that he has been viewed as.

Jonathan Trott

In the series Trott always threatened to play a decisive knock but always came up short. Which robbed England of their talisman and made their batting very susceptible to the South African onslaught.

Inevitably overwhelmed by the combination of the South African bowling class and the immense pressure put on him by the rest of the batting failing

Rating 5/10

Ok, but not up to his usual standards which see him having a huge say in matches.

Kevin Pietersen

He was the man that could have changed the destiny for England as was shown in him putting the South Africans to the sword in the second Test

But sadly KP has shit for brains and would not know respect if it crept up his trouser sleeve and pulled on his old fellow

Rating 0/10

Shameful display by a man devoid of any character and so known for his selfishness

Ian Bell

Very like most of his Team mates, who have gone from hot chocolates in 2011 to boiled lollies in 2012. He scored a few 50's, but they were more the stuff of cameos rather than any real standing in the series

Rating- 4/10

No where near good enough for a man the ability of Bell

Jonny Bairstow

The flamed haired Yorkshireman was a diamond found amongst the batting rubble of England for this series. And it must be said an unexpected one after him looking all at sea against the West Indies and the short ball. Here against a much more accomplished attack, he was calm, composed and very fluent and innovative with his stroke play

His rear guard innings in the 4th Test nearly lead to a miraculous English victory

Rating- 8/10

Very promising display

James Taylor

In the 2nd Test he showed that he has a real tough as teak demeanour that made you think of similar type in Justin Langer. Very unlucky to be run out by Jonathan Trott in the 2nd innings of the 3rd Test where the situation was set for him to impress his judges with his steely temperament and calmness under pressure. But I am certain he will do that many times with due aplomb in a long career

Rating 6/10

He looks like he has what is needed for Test Cricket, and gets extra marks for his groovy helmut

Matt Prior

Easily the best wicket keeper/ batsmen in Test Cricket, and on the basis of his form in 2012 compared to the rest of the English batting.

He is arguably the Teams best batsman too

Player Rating 8/10

Very accomplished as always

Stuart Broad

Very disappointing series after bowling very well for 2012. Especially in Asian conditions against Pakistan and Sri Lanka where he averaged in the low 20's in both series. Here he lacked the pace and venom that has so characterised him in the last 12 months. He looked injured, but once you walk on the ground you are fit so we cannot use that reason to excuse his average display

Rating- 4/10

Very disappointing

Graeme Swann

Touted as the best spinner in World Cricket, but made to look like a pie chucker by the South Africans in this series. 4 wickets at 77 shows his complete impotence in the series

Rating 2/10

For a player of his reputation he should have been at least a factor, rather than just dismissed as a non entity

James Anderson

I think the South Africans took offence as a collective with how Anderson is constantly described as the best fast bowler in World Cricket. Which is hugely disrespectful to Dale Steyn sustained greatness and even Vernon Philander.

There batsmen made his reputation look like a joke, and rendered him average at best and ineffective for most of the series

Rating 3/10

Like Swann was made to look very very average.......

Steve Finn

Finn was the diamond found in the bowling similar to Bairstow being the one found in the batting

Bowls at 90 mph with rearing bounce and nagging line and length

Rating 8/10

Barring injury, greatness is Finn's destiny


Tim Bresnan

Rating- 1/10- Pretty much ineffectual

Ravi Bopara

Rating- 0/10- Should never be picked for England again for he is a complete nufty at the batting crease

South Africa

Series Averages
South Africa batting averages
HM Amla351482311*120.5081958.85200540
JP Duminy3421356167.5034639.01011160
JH Kallis351262182*65.5045557.58100342
AN Petersen35124418261.0052146.83101330
GC Smith35027213154.4057547.30120320
AB de Villiers3401614740.2529953.84000240
JA Rudolph3401416935.2532842.98010210
VD Philander3401156128.7518861.17010150
M Morkel340632515.758970.78000100
DW Steyn34038269.5010237.2500150
Imran Tahir33132*1.501225.0000100
South Africa bowling averages
VD Philander36120.534284125/307/7823.662.3560.41010
JP Duminy3411.022811/101/1528.002.5466.00020
DW Steyn36131.030438155/567/15529.203.3452.41010
M Morkel36128.224380114/725/11334.542.9670.00000
JH Kallis3665.01818042/382/6045.002.7697.50060
Imran Tahir36116.41337883/634/12447.253.2487.50010
HM Amla3------------20
AB de Villiers3------------90
AN Petersen3------------20
JA Rudolph3------------20
GC Smith3------------60

Player Ratings:

Graeme Smith ( C )

The South African Skipper was his usual reassured and consistent self with the bat in hand, and then was a pleasant surprise in his Captaincy by showing more attacking intent in his tactics.

Rating: 7.5/10

One of the games most under appreciated performers, who is characterised by his consistent batting excellence 

Alviro Petersen

Viewed as one of the Teams weaknesses in the lead up to the series, and though he scored a very accomplished 182 in the second Test the fact that he only scored 62 runs in his other 4 innings means the doubt on him will remain 

Rating 6/10

A great innings showed his potential, but then the rest of the series showed his flaws in a lack of consistency

Hashim Amla

Incredibly in all respects.

Whether it be in impregnable defence or fluent and free flowing attack Amla was a notch above all others

Rating 10/10

Great series 

Jacques Kallis

King Kallis indelibly fixed the blot on his perfect copybook with his previous struggles in England. Scored a fine century and sullied in his run gluttony by two of the most dreadful umpiring decisions you could see

Then his bowling was its usual valuable self

Rating 8/10

Typical Kallis class


One of the few South African batsmen who disappointed, but the fact that he had to assume the wicket keeping duties after Mark Bouchers sad demise might explain his lack of form.

Rating: 6/10

His batting was sub par, but his keeping was very refined

Jacques Rudolph

Suffered by the dominance of the top order meaning he never got a chance to shine, and when he did bat fast runs were expected. But his reassured 69 when forced to open the innings in the 2nd innings of the 2nd Test showed he is the ultimate Team man. And that as a quality can never be under played.

Rating 5/10

Gets a pass mark


Very nice series for a very talented player that had his career side tracked by off spin in India. His batting here was innovative and solid with it only being a matter of time before he moves up the order. Then his very useful spin talents were under utilised

Rating 6/10

Played mainly cameos, but all were decisive

Vernon Philander

Master Philander must think this Test Cricket is an easy game with how he keeps dominating with the ball, and then in this series showed batting talent as well

Can the lad keep?

Rating 10/10


Dale Steyn

For a man I regard as being one of the best bowlers in the Modern era, Steyn was a tad disappointing. He got respectable figures, but figures are usually a toss and rarely tell the true tale. That true tale being that Steyn in this series was work manlike rather than transcendent as he can be, and should be with his talent

Rating: 6/10

Maybe unfair in my grading, but one with as much ability as Steyn will always be judged more harshly.

Morne Morkel

This lad has it all in regards to pace, menace and rearing bounce, but always teases more than fully pleasing. This series was no different with him being an occasional threat rather than a consistent thorn.

Rating 6/10

Should with his ability do better

Imran Tahir

The pacemen very much stole the limelight with their skill with this journeyman leg spinner looking average when he did bowl. His highlight was the bowling of Jonny Bairstow in the 4th innings of the 3rd Test when the partnership was looking deadly dangerous.

Rating 4/10

Not Test class


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