Monday, May 7, 2012

Pakistan pays little respect to Mohammad Hafeez!

The one thing that occupies every neutral fans mind during this remarkable period of calm for the perpetually chaotic Pakistan Team is how long will it last.

Our beloved entertainers from Pakistan with their soap opera antics have become so hum drum of late with the words of principled, united, determined, focussed, disciplined and many more of the like being attached to the Misbah ul Haq reign.

Fear not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the news coming out of Pakistan about the reinstatement of notorious madman and hell raiser Shahid Afridi as ODI leader and more than likely T20 skipper seems to indicate the Pakistan powers that be have become 'bored' with the calm as well.

Excuse my flippancy, but it seems a rather ill conceived decision on a number of levels.

The first and primary one being that Pakistan success of late has been built around the culture created within the Team by the Statesman Misbah, and Afridi is very foreign to this and indeed the antithesis of it.

Whereas Misbah is a quiet, humble man that compels his players to follow his principled and patriotic mannerisms. Afridi is more like lightning caught in a bottle that truly dazzles others to try to emulate him, but as in the rareness displayed in that analogy he lacks the foundation to foster the true tightness of a group built around the necessary elements.

Mainly because he is solely a showman with aspects of leadership that are eroded by a good dosage of moments of true madness.

Do as I thanks!!!!!!- for team success with Afridi at the helm!

There was little doubt that for the Team to progress in these games that Misbah needed to be replaced with a younger and more ODI/T20 savvy leader. But the decision pays scant respect to a man that has been a real lieutenant behind the Pakistan rise of late in Mohammad Hafees, and who would have been perfect in this role...

A man that is not only lauded for his Cricket mind and sincere acumen with tactics as his nickname of 'The Professor' shows but also a player that dominates in these forms of the game.

It would not be amiss to nominate him as definitely the best all rounder in the shorter forms of the game, but then a case could be made that he is indeed the best player full stop. Amongst the highest run scorers and wicket takers gives great credence to this label, and again makes you question why he was overlooked for the Captaincy.

Reading between the lines it makes you worry a bit for it seems that Pakistan is pandering to a populist decision in appointing Afridi rather than a thought out one in Hafees.

A decision that will set alight the millions of Afridi groupies, but in truth they are a seedy part of a Pakistan Team that wants success for they embrace emotional aspects of the game
. Rather than the stone cold decisions that please few, but to lend a pun put the runs on the board.

You saw this in bold print in the constant back biting from them over everything Misbah despite the fact that he has been one of Pakistan's most successful Captains

Lets hope for our Pakistan friends that serving this populous view does not cast them back into their chaotic past


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