Monday, March 26, 2012

Vernon Philander- The Man That Defies The Games Obsession

Figures in sport are a bit like a Womans skirt with them concealing more than they show...

A saying that I have paid real homage too in my watching of Sport until now with the remarkable 7 Test career of Vernon Philander that has seen him devastate in taking 51 wickets at an incredible average of 13.70.

For in my mind the success he has enjoyed has not only been due to his skill, but transcended to again dismiss one of the true obsessions in the game in regards to fast bowling. With everything being about pace, and almost without doubt the first observation about a new comer to the game being whether he hits the radar gun at 140+.

Indelibly exposed as 'Fools Gold' by Philander with him ripping batting line ups to shreds by an old style adherence to hitting the top of off with every ball he deliveries. Relentless line and length coupled with a bit of heady swing and talk off the pitch being deliver at the low 130's kms. A recipe that has lead to him morphing into a virtual wrecking ball.

And honestly skills in a bowler that have been overlooked in this age

Which shows the lack of foresight in the powers that be in Nations for with the onset of the 'Sexy Age' of Cricket as characterised by the T20 revolution and the riches that go with it. The main sacrifice in the game have been seen in the erosion of batsmen's techniques and temperaments. Making a bowler like Philander with his relentless onslaught on batsmen almost impossible to repel.

With them being stripped bare by their ignorance to the basics of batting confronted by a bowler who is the epitome of old school bowling purism.

In truth with every success that Philander enjoys we as critics are awaiting for him to be found out for he is so against the view of the fast bowler we have been force feed in this age. But, quite to the contrary you can see him continuing on with his peerless career with him having greatness as part of his destiny by the fact that he is a man not only of immense skill but also perfect timing.

Appearing in an revolutionary age where batsmen have no answer to traditional bowling styles

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