Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time For The ICC To Support Pakistan

In the history of mankind its hard to think of an action by a few radicals that not only cost lives, but also punished a further 177 million innocent victims.......

That was the sad reality for the Pakistan people who lost the sincere joy of watching cricket in their homeland in the wake of the abhorrent terrorist attack on the touring Sri Lankan Team in 2009. Heartbreaking, not only for the long suffering Pakistani people, but also cricket lovers around the globe who are so engrossed by the flavour and unique characteristics of the crowds in this fine Nation.

The sad reality of the ban was it was justified for no sporting Team should be threatened with harm or indeed death. Then worse was the underlining belief in the sincere incompetence of the Pakistan Cricket Board at the time lead by a man who would struggle to organise two pigs to get muddied in Ijaz Butt. Even at the time of the tragedy many informed onlookers pointed to Butt's role in it by choosing to schedule the games in Lahore at a time of real instability as well as most of the defence forces involved in a regional election. Rather than the games be moved to Karachi where the situation was more stable and it could have been given the attention it so needed from the powers that be.

3 years on and sadly the instability in Pakistan remains with the evil spectre of terrorism a ever present of daily life.

Though the Cricket side of things have been transformed in the PCB with the replacement of the incompetent bumbling of Ijaz Butt with the astute professionalism of Zaka Ashraf.

Symbolically this more professional face of Pakistan Cricket represented by Ashraf has lead to an olive branch being put out with Bangladesh planning to tour the nation in April/May with only the ratification from the ICC needed to make this reality.

Naturally the ongoing danger in Pakistan will make this a difficult tour for the ICC to back.

Though during their deliberations they should take into account the supreme professionalism of Ashraf's time as the PCB President as well as the security demonstrated to the Bangladeshi representatives recently on a visit to Pakistan. Bangladesh Cricket Board President Mustafa Kamal was impressed as shown in the following quote

"We are here for three objectives, one is to see the infrastructure, second to get information about the security plan and third to see the capability to execute the plan, and definitely all of us agree that all the segments were in place."  

With both parties happy with the arrangements there should be no opposition from the ICC, but they should grasp this opportunity to bring home games back to Pakistan on a full time basis. Treating this initial tour as reminiscent of a raindrop that will eventually turn into a water fall with them working to make this a reality with the more accommodating Ashraf administration.

As the waterfall analogy indicates, it will not happen over night, but it is paramount for Cricket as a whole that games are returned to Pakistan.

Keeping in mind that the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few with the safety of any touring Team being paramount in any considerations, but also the needs of the Pakistan people being taken into account as well.

In terms of the meaning to them that the return of home games would represent.

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