Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Stench of Hypocrisy Over The Galle Pitch!

As a Test purist all you can do is stand and applaud the Galle Pitch from the previous 2 years that has been a canvas for everything that defines Test Cricket. Holding us in awe with all the twists and turns of a roundabout embodied in inspiring rises against adversity coupled with dramatic phases of crash and burn from relative ascendency.

Point fucking blank induct the curator Jayananda Warnaweera into the Test Cricket Hall of Fame now for his place in reviving the unique charm of Asian Test Cricket! 

A man that has bucked the insidious trend in the Modern Age where greedy cricket boards have promoted the standardisation of the game through the flattening of pitches to be batting paradises to ensure the gate receipts of guaranteed 5 day Tests. In the process showing scant regard to the compelling theatre of Test Cricket, and why the fans idolise it.

The heroic nature of the man that should have been embraced by all has instead been greeted by the absurd labelling of the pitch as poor last year, and constant back biting during this game from people frothing at the mouth in readiness to condemn it. Which not only shows a lack of understanding of the real essence of Test Cricket in Asia which is so a combination of spinning decks that lock the batsmen in a war of attrition that only the most skilled are victors.

Taking it further, it also displays a hypocrisy that if you were to be frank borders on a victimisation that would warm the cockles of Kiplings 'The Black Man's Burden'

In digesting that incendiary reference look at the similar figures from three other venues, and ask yourself why the same attention was not paid to them?

Capetown 2011 where 508/31 was the state of the match after two days

Hobart 2011 where 425/23 was the state of the match after two days

Trent Bridge 2011 where 533/21 was the state of the match after two days

It seems apparent that no fuss is made when wickets tumble on a grassbowl but all hell breaks loose when batsmen can't bat on a spin friendly track.

Putting aside the obvious hypocrisy and Western bias

The truth of this whole matter belongs to the batsmen, who have in the current age been given an arm chair ride by the flattening of pitches. So when a few curators have had the testicular fortitude to create what before the Modern Age was viewed as Test standard pitches as championed by Mr Warnaweera. The result has been like a double edge sword with batsmen for the most part being exposed as being inadequate, but then players of real quality rising to the fore.

Which in the overall scheme of things means the game becomes a contest again with bowlers allowed to be relevant, and the fans who are the real owners of the game being the winners through real Test Cricket being revived .

Lets hope other Asian curators follow this lead and instigate a real renaissance of Test Cricket on the back of traditional Asian pitches

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