Monday, March 5, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar Gets Victimised For His Success

What are the first things that come into your mind when Cricket is the topic and the name Sachin Tendulkar comes up?

Naturally the first thoughts would be in honour of his genius and longevity in the game as a master batsman who is widely regarded as one of the best ever. Then away from the ground you tap into the universal respect for him in honour of his delightful modesty and good graces. A statesman in the truest sense of the word. Both on and indeed off the ground for billions.

This combination of batting genius and innate charm has not only forged the supreme respect held for the man aptly known as the 'Little Master', but sadly has created a rod for his back in terms of the hysteria that it has logically attracted. This hysteria has been the definition of the term with his minions lauding him as if he is a God when he is on top, but quite literally turning their backs on him in his down times. 

Jokingly, the 'fanbois' have suddenly become connoisseurs of India's National Sport in Hockey during this current run of outs........ 

Despised fickleness, never so evident as in Sachin's search for his 100th International hundred which has resembled a drawn out soap opera bordering on a farce with everyone investing in it. It has morphed from focus about the achieving of the remarkable landmark to the air play given to his failures to reach it.

The leeches in the Press that have made big bucks during the glorious times of his career are now cashing in on in this time of virtual farce for him with everyone knowing that 'Cricketing Marketing 101' revolves around anything to do with Sachin.

Sadly scorn has replaced the respect that should be a given to a true great and the irrationality that started over the milestone has got even more surrealy irrational with him still being marooned on '99'.

Forgotten amidst this farce has been the innocent victim that Tendulkar has become with him being victimised for his careers success with fairness being thrown out the window. All have jumped on board with their views as Sachin has remained silent with Ian Chappell being the most recent to chide the Indian.

"That's been a huge hurdle for India to overcome all summer - Tendulkar's search for his 100th century has become a burden on the team as well as the player,"

The main sticking point in this overwhelming view is that the view that Sachin is selfish by putting his individual glory ahead of the Team without focussing on the people who are driving the covet of the milestone. People point to his selection in the ODI Team as if he was behind it, but fail to touch on a more likely reason for his inclusion in terms of economics.

As seen in the ODI series in India with the West Indies, the absence of Tendulkar with other stars meant the lack of crowds and the $$$$'s that greedy Cricket Boards worship. The same can be said of the revamped Tri Series in Australia with it struggling for appeal and crowds to the point where you know that Cricket Australia would have been insisting on Sachin being part of the series.

Similarly, you know that the entities in the upcoming Asian Cup were insisting on his inclusion because of the profit he represents

As for the flurry of recent calls for him to retire lets put that into context....

After all he has given to the game and fans in general I think it is his right to decide when he goes. For his form has tapered off a bit, but it is still is in the top echelon of current performance amongst Indian batsmen with him threatening on so many occasions to let us witness a master class while his Team Mates have for the most part have looked inept.

Duly we should all shut the f**k up and feel privileged to have lived in a time of such an icon


  1. A good write-up although there is a lot of difference of opinion (possibly because I'm skeptical about Tendulkar's "greatness)

    Whenever I say my opinion on Tendulkar, people say that I should keep them to myself. Despite such comments, I wish to express my opinion.

    My belief is that, Tendulkar is certainly a good player, and it is not surprising to see a good player amass 99 hundreds over a span of twenty two years. However, he is nowhere close to being the "God of Cricket" and moreover, if he is a legend, even Kallis and Ponting are (which nobody considers).

    Coming to this article, I don't think that people tend to turn their backs on him during his down times. The 2012 case is an exception but fans have always praised him irrespective of his form. I believe, had Tendulkar been an Australian, he'd have left international cricket five years ago (considering his terrible form from 2005 - 07).

    Regarding his 100th hundred, I blame the media. They've combined 51 hundreds from test cricket and 48 from ODIs and have created this milestone themselves, notwithstanding test cricket and ODI are completely different. I didn't hear a single commentator talk about his 100 against South Africa being his 99th when he scored that and it came to light only in the next day, when papers reported about the "100th hundred". So, the Indian media is responsible for putting this pressure on Sachin Tendulkar and this was particularly bad for him since he is hardly a master at handling pressure(which reasons his poor performance in important matches).

    Regarding economics being involved behind his selection, his presence (or the lack of it) certainly affects the gate collection. But, what percentage of the revenue comprises gate collection? I shall be surprised if it goes beyond ten. So, the greedy cricket boards won't care since their monetary objectives would still be satisfied by the sponsors. But yes, nobody would say no to another ten percent.

    I don't think Tendulkar, or for that matter, any other player, is entitled to be given the right to end their career when they wish, just because the person performed years ago. That is against the interests of the team. Indian selectors should learn from their Australian counterparts, taking an example of their decision on Michael Bevan and Ricky Ponting.

    I wish to apologise, in advance, if I've offended any "Tendulkar offender".

    Have a nice day,

    1. well Andy.. how can u offend a "Tendulkar Offender" they will fall in love with you..

      Expressing Your views against Tendulkar is your right and you should not keep them to yourselves..

      But then you wrote "this was particularly bad for him since he is hardly a master at handling pressure(which reasons his poor performance in important matches)."

      Pressure.. i mean everybody in India wants him to score .. and he knows it that everybody is watching him ..

      i will tell you a story.. My father is one of the tendulkar offenders.. when he bats .. my father will be constantly speaking against him.. he dosent know how to play and all that stuff..
      but inside he is praying "please let me witness a century from sachins bat .. " and when he gets out.. my father will leave the room shaking his head and then will show his sadness during dinners..

      well i can guarantee one thing here .. there is no other sports person in the wrold who plays under ever 30% of pressure to perform.. that Sachin plays under..

      i dont know if u have witnessed it.. but i have heard a 100 thousand people shouting his name .. when he came down to bat .. i have felt it for that moment .. well he does the same every match all around the world.. :)