Saturday, February 4, 2012

Younis Khan is Pakistan & Pakistan is Younis Khan

Koi masla nahin (no big deal ) is one of the few Urdu sayings I know with it being embodied by the Pakistani master batsman Younis Khan. A man who in his career has overcome tragedy, victimisation, mutiny, disrespect amongst other things that would have buried most. This being the ultimate testimony to the man known as YK in respect to whatever the adversity he meets it with his characteristic broad brimmed smile and overcomes it.

Taking this a step further he is very much the poster child of all the Pakistan people in the sense that no matter what blows they suffer or injustice they have to endure they retain their principles, and become more steeled in their resolve to rise. The two have been so hand in hand as seen in the rise of the Team since the shame of England 2010 which has been attributed to many factors,  but few citing the influence of this great man's return to the Team has had.

His 1126 runs at an average of 70.36 with 4 centuries in 21 innings since shows how over looked his influence on the team has been.

Epitomised in his century in the 3rd Test against England yesterday in a series so symbolised by ball ruling over bat in the sincerest manner. Taking on surreal proportions deep into England's reply to Pakistan's first innings total of 99 with the statistic that there had been 17 wickets to have fallen in the match compared to only 16 boundaries hit. 

His mastery of the conditions and situation was testimony to how to excel in the attritional type of cricket characterised in traditional Asian confines. He stood above others like the star on top of a Christmas tree in bringing up his 20th Test century, and provided a stark contrast to the bumbling efforts of the English batsmen

Where the likes of Kevin Pietersen lunged forward with little balance, Younis reached forward with precision. One was batting in hope; the other with the foundation of a strong technique.

It was truly inspiration for all with its awe being embodied by two Indian greats in Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev standing in applause on him reaching his century. Then his fans taking great comfort of his legion of knockers being forced to eat their words again.
The runs were crucial in the context of the Test, but its meaning to his Team mates was profound in so many manners. He schooled all of the imperative nature of steely resolve to rise against the odds, and in a batting line up full of impressionable youngsters this is a commodity of real preciousness. Even seen in the Master/Pupil guise that his unfinished partnership with Ahzar Ali took on.

In a sense in Pakistan's ascent in the game he has been like that silent force that has so guided them to their current reality. Whether it be in his gluttonous nature in terms of runs or the effect he has in moulding the minds of the youth while upholding the current feel good culture in the Team his presence cannot be under stated

A True Legend in every regard!


  1. very well constructed article.....younis is indeed a great player

  2. Thanks for your words. a nice article. Truly a great man and an inspiration for many youngsters.

  3. Yes ! Indeed it was a great inning under pressure. It took Pakistan to a very comfortable position against the World No1 team.

  4. Another great article tim. Younis has indeed been the most under-rated player of Pakistan cricket. Playing against the likes of Inzamam ul haq and Muhammad Yousuf always over shadowed his performance. He is technically not very correct but definitly he is an innovator. But on top of everything its the 'true grit' in his attitude that makes me love him as a cricketer.