Monday, February 6, 2012

Player Ratings- Pakistan versus England Test Series

Betting is indeed a very touchy topic when these two Teams are involved, but my word you would have got rich if you had backed Pakistan to whitewash England 3 nil before this series started!

That was the startling result, and it might have given the impression of a lopsided series with the interest of it being evaporated with one Team dominating over another. But getting to indulge in some old style Asian Cricket with spin taking centre stage with all its revered skill and guile made it absolutely compelling. Even more so in the bowling dominated series when the victimised batsman on occasion challenged this status 

This series was the epitome of a complete Team performance with all players contributing at crucial moments. In witnessing it you couldn't help but stand and applaud to see a Team that has been so associated with chaos and division through its history be united as tight as a fist. It is not right to single out players, but it would be wrong not to highlight the Captain Misbah ul Haq's place in this new reality. Who in truth is deserving of the highest praise known in the game of 'Statesman' being attached to his name.

The self belief he has imbibed in all and the Team as a whole was the remarkable with the 3rd Test win that was achieved after being bowled out for a feeble 99 in the first innings being testimony to this. A feat of achieving victory after such a paltry first innings score that has only been seen 5 times in the games history and not since 1907

Series Figures

Pakistan batting averages
Azhar Ali35025115750.2072734.52110191
Younis Khan35019312738.6036852.44100201
Mohammad Hafeez3611908838.0036052.77010242
Asad Shafiq3501675833.4039242.60010161
Adnan Akmal350896117.8023737.55011100
Taufeeq Umar361875817.4022638.49011130
Umar Gul35227139.009927.2700112
Saeed Ajmal35042178.4013231.8100130
Abdur Rehman35016103.205827.5800110
Junaid Khan120000.0070.0000200
Aizaz Cheema23300*-150.0000000
Pakistan bowling averages
Saeed Ajmal36147.039353247/5510/9714.702.4036.71100
Mohammad Hafeez3543.0128053/544/6516.001.8651.60040
Abdur Rehman36131.434318196/258/9216.732.4141.52030
Umar Gul3674.016245114/616/8922.273.3140.30010
Aizaz Cheema2427.217011/431/5270.002.56164.00000
Junaid Khan118.00330---4.12-0000
Adnan Akmal3------------92
Asad Shafiq3------------60
Azhar Ali3------------00
Taufeeq Umar3------------10
Younis Khan3------------20

Player Ratings

Taufeeq Umar

The Pakistani opener was very much found out in this series with only one score over 50. He was made to look average against a very fine English bowling attack. But he can take heart by the fact that batsmen being made to look average was the theme of the series

Rating 3/10 : I do not think Taufeeq is a long term answer for Pakistan opening going on his technical issues exposed in this series

Mohammad Hafees

Excellent all round cricketer either with the bat or ball and a silent leader in the Team propelling it with his tactical nous. He was one of the few batsmen who looked semi competent and his spin bowling was outstanding from a wicket taking sense and a run saving sense.

One of the World's most under rated players

Rating: 8/10- Very fine series by a very talented player

Azhar Ali

An old style stonewalling batsman that was quite literally like a tick in England's collective ears all series long that they could not scratch out. He was crucial in the 2nd Test win in a steely partnership with Asad Shafiq and then hit a game defining century in the 3rd Test.

Pakistan left the desert knowing they have a quality number three for the next decade

Rating 9/10 In a series where batsmen were made to look silly, Azhar stood above all

Younis Khan

Struggle mightily in the 1st two Test giving rise to his boo boys, but well and truly shut them up with a batting master class in the third Test that set up the victory.

Great player, Great Man, and a silent force behind the ascent of Pakistan

Rating- 8/10- You know when most needed the man known as YK will be there for Pakistan

Misbah ul Haq

Contributed throughout with his batting, and had a huge effect over the series with his astute and pro active leadership

Rating: 11/10- Someone is going to write a Book or make a Movie about Misbah one day- such is his inspiration and role in quite literally rising Pakistan from the dead

Asad Shafiq

Another batsman that struggled throughout, but bobbed up at crucial times to help in victories. Especially in the 2nd Test where his backs to the walls 58 was of the highest calibre

Rating: 7/10- The boy has a real future, and on watching him bat with real resoluteness, you can understand why he has been preferred over Umar Akmal

Adnan Akmal

Very accomplished behind the stumps and scored some crucial runs in the series as well. Epitomised by his resourceful 61 in the 1st Test setting up that win

Rating: 8/10- Every good Team has one thing in common in respect to a very good keeper, and Pakistan have found one in this young lad

Umar Gul

After the duo of exceptional bowling spearheads in Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asia were suspended there was a Grand Canyon like hole left in the Pakistan bowling which Umar Gul has picked up admirably. Proving time and time again this series that he is a fast bowler of real class and calibre

Rating: 9/10- Exceptional!

Abdur Rehman

All the focus was on the hysteria over Saeed Ajmal, but this very wily left arm spinner arguably had a more profound impact in the series whitewash.

Very skilled and under rated bowler

Rating 11/10- Awesome# 1

Saeed Ajmal

Had all the English in cold sweats out of fear of facing him or confused and con-fuddled by trying to pick him. A player that is fast picking up the slack left over from previous off spinning masters in Saqlain Mushtaq and Murali'

Rating: 11/10- Awesome #2

Aizaz Cheema

Big hearted bowler, but mostly ineffectual in the two Tests he played

Rating: 2/10- Tried hard but threatened few

Junaid Khan

Was selected in one Test, but only bowled 8 overs in its entirety

Rating: 0/10- Non entity

Came to the UAE as a number one with queries over their ability to play against spin bowling, and left the UAE with their batting being obliterated by it.

It was a series involving two tales for the English with their bowling which was excellent throughout setting up victories only for their batting to set up remarkable wins for Pakistan with their failures. The hammer blow was the second Test when they got dismissed for 72 when they were only chasing 144 for victory

You can now see oppositions stacking their Teams with spinners on spinning decks to further victimise an obvious English deficiency. But in response the English will be stung by this embarrassing series and moving Heaven and Earth to rectify it.

Series Figures:

England batting averages
MJ Prior36215070*37.5030948.5401090
IJL Trott3601617426.8338342.03010180
AN Cook3601599426.5051330.99010140
AJ Strauss3601505625.0042735.12010120
SCJ Broad36110558*21.0014870.94011101
GP Swann3601053917.5016065.62001171
EJG Morgan360823113.6617247.6700172
KP Pietersen360673211.1617338.7200171
JM Anderson3615415*10.8010650.9400051
IR Bell36051298.5016331.2800140
MS Panesar242884.001844.4400100
CT Tremlett120110.50195.2600100
England bowling averages
SCJ Broad36116.434266134/365/8320.462.2853.80000
MS Panesar24141.044302146/627/14921.572.1460.42000
GP Swann35114.517326134/1075/11825.072.8353.00010
JM Anderson36107.52624993/354/8627.662.3071.80040
IJL Trott3312.024211/161/1642.003.5072.00000
KP Pietersen313.0090---3.00-0010
CT Tremlett1121.06530---2.52-0000
IR Bell3------------00
AN Cook3------------20
EJG Morgan3------------10
MJ Prior3------------51
AJ Strauss3------------20

Player Ratings

Andrew Strauss:

One of the key talking points after this series will be the future of the English Captain Andrew Strauss for his batting failures that have stretched for over 2 years now. Which are ok when you're winning, but stand out like dogs balls when you start to lose. His Captaincy came under fire too in the field with many citing it as being overtly defensive.

Rating: 2/10- Disappointing, and a further display of individual coupled with team failure in Sri Lanka might see his head roll

Alastair Cook

The stellar performer from 2011 was made to look average in this series. Whether it be dabbling to the pace men and feeding the slips or being exposed by the spinners he was made to look very average. Though on Cook's history of fighting back from previous struggles you can see him rising to the challenge in Sri Lanka

Rating 3/10: One good innings of 94, but in his other 5 innings only scored 65

Jonathan Trott

Very like Cook in going from hot chocolates in 2011 to being made to look like boiled lollies in 2012. In fact he was a carbon copy of Cook's performance with one innings of note coupled with 5 failures

Rating 3/10: Very average performance by Trott

Kevin Pietersen

As incompetent as the rest and then added to the angst that English supporters have against him with some very irresponsible shots to get out. Tried to be more proactive in the 3rd Test, but failed to turn around his series of abject failures

Rating: 2/10- Bad batting coupled with soft dismissals

Ian Bell

Averaged 118 in 2011 and was made to look like a Club number 11 in this series by Ajmal's unorthodox spin.

Rating: 0/10- Might need to ring up Darryl Cullinan to get the number of the therapist he went to to cure him of his Shane Warne Demons for Bell has a similar demon in Saeed Ajmal....

Eoin Morgan

Not Test class and exposed as being very lacking in this series. More than likely will not make the Sri Lankan tour and will struggle to get back into the team with the host of youngsters banging on the door

Rating: 0/10- Not up to it

Matt Prior

One of the few who stood up against the tide with his batting and was his usual refined presence behind the stumps. Undoubtedly in the top 10 Test players in the game.

Rating: 8/10- A diamond amongst the English dust

Stuart Broad

Exceptional performance by Broad being devastating with the ball and more than useful with the bat. In times of crisis he showed real signs of leadership which makes him a burgeoning complete package

Rating: 9/10- Excellent series

Graeme Swann

Was useful throughout the series with his spin, but was over shadowed by Monty Panesar in the spin stakes with the Pakistan batsmen playing with relative ease against Swann. His figures looked good, but he got a few cheap wickets with 6 of his 13 wickets being tail enders

Rating: 6/10- Good, but in a series with ball dominating maybe should have done more

James Anderson

The man regarded as the best swing bowler in the world was workman like in the series, but like Swann failed to excel like most of the other bowlers

Rating: 6/10- Very like Swann's series

Monty Panesar

This eccentric left arm spinner was exceptional. Coming in after the 1st Test he had all the Pakistani batsmen troubled with his guile and heart. Great comeback series by a player that is beloved by all

Rating: 9/10: Awesome, and the sad irony is if the next Test was in England he would be dropped with Graeme Swann locked in as England's number one spinner


  1. Very Bias report.

    Gul took two more wickets than Anderson and got 9/10 were Anderson got 6/10?

    Anderson offered a lot of control and him and Broard were the stand out seemers by a mile with Gul coming in 3rd.

    1. But the key difference between the two was Gul was a strike bowler all series, whereas Anderson was more a support bowler. As for my supposed bias- I am Irish so have allegiance to either Team

    2. An Irish man is always going to Bias against England. The stats don't back you up at all but if it's your personal opinion then thats fair enough I guess you can ignore them. Anderson and Broad bowled very well and to give Anderson such a low mark shows an element of Bias IMO. Don't forget he took some decent catches in the feild that gives him at least 1 more point. I think he was a 8/10 Personaly. He bowled much better than his final wicket tally suggests.

  2. Nice ratings, agreed to most of them. Specially with Hafeez but a bit more for Adnan so far he need to do a bit more to really come up as a very gud wicketkeeper.

    Broad can do with a 10/10 while Anderson was neat and tidy so 7/10 not bad too.

    PS: Hafeez n Asif names are wrong.

    I did tried to write something too, hope you will like it :)

  3. Great Article Fella!! Absolutely Correct Ratings.. Strauss needs to go because he failed against SL and India last summer whose bowling attacks were absolute gimmes and now this series....

    so cant expect him to do better against the SL , WI and South Africa in the coming months

  4. Anderson deserved he created a lot of wickets by not conceding 7 for him Bell and Morgan 1 out of 10 its harsh to give 0 and Cook 4 but mostly agree with you. Misbah ul Haq I would give 9 in the only change but well put mate!

  5. Totally agree with your ratings tim. Loved the whole article and the way you have rated every player. Keep sharing. Cheers.