Monday, February 13, 2012

ODI Cricket Should Be Scrapped if 'Rotation' Remains!

There is always a hysteria bordering on perversity involved with India's obsession over Cricket with this coming to the fore when Sachin Tendulkar was 'rotated' out of the Team for a recent ODI against Australia. This outrage was met by the Aussies over their plan to rest Mike Hussey for an upcoming game with him refusing to sit, and basically being told to sit.

As the Media went into over drive over these players being absent from their Teams and the pro's and cons of 'rotation' an unspoken truth arose with these games being viewed as little more than a testing ground for bigger challenges. Which underlined the meaningless nature of the games and made you again focus on their future with them being stripped of all credibility.

Making us question, how are we as fans supposed to attach any meaning to these games when the Nations increasingly do not?

It has got to the point where the International Cricket Council (ICC) needs to think long and hard about the scheduling of ODI matches with the glut of meaningless games stripping away the integrity of the game. Fans have underlined this fear by voting with their feet as seen in a huge dip in crowd numbers both in the recent India versus West Indies series in India and this ongoing Tri Series here in Australia. You cannot blame them either for the attraction of Sport is meaning in the contest, and this is all taken away when Teams treat it with disdain by resting star players. Then further compounded with fans not getting to see their heroes play.

Away from this, it also allows the opportunity for subtle manipulating of results and with it a huge appeal for match fixing through leaked knowledge over who might be in or out. Just think of the difference an Indian ODI Team has if say their Captain Master Blaster in M.S.Dhoni is to be rested or rising Phenomenon Virat Kohli?

If the number of ODI matches were reduced dramatically to only incorporate games of meaning all these undesirable aspects would be eradicated with the game having restored appeal.

A rather Captain Obvious move for the ICC to make in my view!

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